GTHO Falcon and HK Monaro get big results from the Shannons Spring Auction

Phase II XW GTHO headlines another big classic car auction for Shannons


Shannons had another big showing in its Spring Timed Online Auction. The headline car for the auction, a genuine 1970 Phase II XW GTHO Falcon, went under the hammer for $373,500 before buyer’s premium.

It’s by no means a record for a GTHO Falcon at auction, but shows the desirability of rarified Aussie metal is still at an all-time high.

Another big hitter for the Blue Oval was a ’74 XB GT sedan, coming in just shy of six figures when the hammer fell at $97,000 before BP.

While the HO scored a decent number, other big-name Henrys, including a 1973 XA Superbird and Ford Cortina MkII sedan, were passed in.

Chrome-bumpered Holdens also did well, with a ’68 HK GTS 327 Monaro fetching $301,000, a HK Kingswood going for a whopping $50,000, and an LX Torana hatch project car finding a new home for $45,501 (all before BP), the unfinished car showing how strong demand is in the Torana hatch market.

The newer plastic Holdens didn’t fare quite so well, with both a first-gen VT ClubSport and VS GTS sedan being passed in. A 1990 HSV VN Commodore SV-T30 did see a sale at $37,000 (before BP).

The market for classic US metal is continuing to grow again on Aussie soil, with a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 (formerly a giveaway car for our sister publication Unique Cars) fetching $68,000, and a 1968 GT500 fastback commanding a solid $256,500 (both prices before BP).

The high prices didn’t stop there either, with a 1970 Morris Mini Cooper S MkII taking a final bid of $80,500 (before BP)!

If you think that’s ridiculous, who would’ve thought that one day someone would be paying $15,000 (before BP) for a 1987 Volvo 240? It makes you wonder how much our Carnage Trolvo must be worth!

While a very used, Aussie-delivered Skyline R32 GT-R didn’t quite manage to crack the $100K barrier (selling for $91,000 before BP), a Tommi Makinen Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6.5 also sold for $91,000 (before BP) – proof that desirability in the Japanese market is by no means restricted to GT-Rs.

While those prices may make your eyes water, the $18,750 (before BP) needed to score this RHD 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne sedan is a solid buy in our eyes given the classic car market buyers are currently facing.