Landmark Phase III GTHO heads back to auction

In 2007, this Track Red Phase III GTHO Falcon rewrote the book on what these legendary cars were worth. Now, it's up for grabs once more


These exclusive leaked photos show what appears to be a GTHO in Track Red with contrasting blackouts, the same-spec as the Phase III Moffat took to victory fifty years ago this month.

The car wears special-order orange stripes, instead of the regular gold, and appears to have rear Venetians, factory mudflaps and the original tool kit. In the boot is a stack of eight-track cartridges to ensure this Phase rocks even when the engine is off.

A quick walk around showed original paint and markings on top, underneath and in the engine bay.

When we took a look, the mileage was sitting on 25,449.

It appears that this is the same car bought by the late Darryl Mattingley for $683,650 in 2007. Wheels spoke to Mattingley about the GTHO and his wider collection soon after; you can read the chat here.

The very public sale of the car was a landmark moment for the values of Phase IIIs and the broader Aussie muscle market. It will be fascinating to see what the car will go for, 14 years later.

The first and last CV8 Monaros we recently reported on by Street Machine were also from Mattingley’s collection. All three are currently sitting at the new Shannons facility in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, and are to be auctioned as part of the Shannons 40th Anniversary Auction – live from 23-30 November.