Shannons autumn 2023 auction results

Highlights from the 2023 Shannons Autumn timed auction


Shannons’s autumn timed auction has wound up, with some interesting results amongst the mix. Here’s some of our highlights, check out the full field here.

This spunky Ford Escort Sundowner tribute needs a bit of work to get it up to scratch, but seems like good value at $20,000, plus five percent buyer’s premium (BP applies to all results).

This survivor TE Cortina wagon with 3.3-litre six and three-speed went for $15,000.

The GT was a dead duck by the time the XC Falcon came around, but buyers could still opt for a GS Rally Pack – or a Fairmont GXL if they had some extra cash. This Rally Pack boasts a 351 and four-speed combo and presents very nicley, attracing $52,000.

This VCT-equipped, slushbox AU XR6 was one of the bargains of the night, going for just $7400. For that, you get a useable modern classic, eligible for club rego in some states that also doubles as a rolling meme.

XG XR6 utes are an interesting slice of history and this auto example fetched $11,500.

This lightly-modified XE Fairmont ESP needs a little bit of work (the condition report list some rust in one door), but looks like a good deal at $31,000.

The top of the pile for chrome bumper Falcons in the auction (at least so far) as this Red Pepper XB GS, with four-speed and factory sunroof. It went for $90K.

This AP5 Regal isn’t the tidiest example around, but it looks solid and fetched $25,500. A set of Tasman mags and aftermarket air con sealed the deal.

The CM Valiant GLX was the last gasp of any kind of sporty Valiant. This nice, unrestored example went for $22,500.

This bare-bones 1973 Dodge VJ utility – complete with 215 Hemi and three-speed, sold for $20,500.

Gotta love a black S-Series Valiant! This one needs a little TLC and went for $27,000.

Further up the Mopar totem pole, this Hot Mustard VG Pacer appears to be a solid unit, with the bonus upgrade (in our view) of a four-speed trans behind the 245 Hemi. The final price? $55,000.

Like the Escort van at the top of the page, this HQ Sandman clone has the visuals, but will need some work for the rest of the package to match. Someone has a cool project for $38,000 – good buying compared to some more plain jane, six-pot powered examples we saw go for similar money in recent years.

With just over 2000km on the clock, this 2017 HSV GTS-R is virtually a brand-new car. It went for $153,000 – considerably less than many similar examples being (perhaps quite optimistically in some cases) offered elsewhere at the moment.

The Clevo-powered De Tomaso Pantera is our kind of supercar. This one is a 1972 model and we’re digging it without the later GT5 widebody kit.

Anyone who remembers watching George Fury’s pole-setting lap around Bathurst in 1984 would be sure to feel a frisson of excitement just looking at this Bluebird TRX Turbo promo car – one of just six built. It went for just $15,000, a great price considering what a neat piece of history it is.

Given that almost any rotary-powered, chrome-bumper Mazda goes for big bucks today, we’re not surprised someone snapped up this 13B powered ’72 VW Beetle. The engine swap, combined with the colour, the mags and the whale tail make for the perfect late 80s, early 90s time warp. It found a new home for $22,000.

Gadzooks! We’re not sure what we’d use this cherry picker-equipped Toyota LiteAce for, but clearly someone has a fair idea, walking away with it for a cool $21,000.

This Series IV Mazda RX7 suffers from not only being an automatic, but is pretty tatty and in need of mechanical attention, according to the condition report. Making it a prime candidate for an LS-swap and some track time, in our view. The price? $10,000 on the nose.