New street machine gear: Engine mounts, LS engine, Ryobi blower plus more

We check out some new gear on the market; engine mounts, crate LS engine, Ryobi blower plus more...


1. Radiator support upper grille mounting kits

mounting kits

SOMETIMES it’s the small parts that can bring a build to a grinding halt, and they can be a nightmare to track down second-hand. Rare Spares is aware of this, which is why the company makes more than just patch panels and replacement badges. Radiator support upper grille mounting kits are about to be added to the range to suit XW, XY, ZC and ZD Fords, which should make the restoration process even easier for all you Blue-bloods. You can find out more at

2. Crate LS engine

READY-to-go crate engines are an awesome and drama-free way of sticking some more shove under your bonnet, and Chevy’s beloved LS engine is one of the most popular options. Performance Wholesale now offers a killer new LS crate mill: the high-revving CT525 package. Based on a Gen IV LS, the 6.2L bent-eight will rev to 6700rpm and features forged aluminium pistons, 10.7:1 compression, an SFI-approved balancer, hydraulic-roller cam, aluminium LS3 rectangle-port heads and a GM Performance single-plane manifold. Call Performance Wholesale now on (07) 3808 1986 or email [email protected].

3. Wurth test light

test light

A TEST light will only ever tell you so much, so a good-quality multimeter is something any car person should invest in. Wurth now offers a huge new range to the general public, which includes this digital multimeter. With a 6000-digit display, it can measure for AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage up to 1000 volts, resistance up to 60 MΩ, diodes, capacitance up to 99.99 mF, temperature between -200 and 1300°C, and a bunch of other wizardry. It also auto-switches off after 15 minutes, and isn’t very heavy on the juice. You can grab one now from

4. Ryobi blower

CLEANING up the workshop or driveway can be a tedious mission, especially when it comes to dust and debris. It’s not the 1800s anymore, so brooms are out and power tools are in! Ryobi’s cordless ONE+ 18V workshop blower is a perfect modern tool for the job – plus it somewhat resembles a turbo, which is pretty cool. It has three speed levels for extra control indoors, a 200km/h max air speed, Ergo-Grip technology for added user comfort, and the rubber nozzle lets you tackle wet debris easily. You can find out more at

5. Engine mounts

engine mounts

ENGINE mounts are important, and Tuff Mounts makes some of the best in the business. The company now offers upgraded mounts to suit Ford F100, F150, F250 and Bronco, which are a direct-fit, bolt-up design in place of OEM. Suited to both standard and high-horsepower builds, they’re designed for Cleveland, Windsor and even Dart blocks to suit just about any application. They’re made from the highest-quality steel, using polyurethane bushes to provide the ultimate transfer of your engine’s power to the chassis. To find out more, visit, call (08) 8374 0011 or email [email protected].

6. RC Components wheel

AGGRESSIVE wheel designs are starting to gain traction here in Australia, and RC Components now offers a 2in-offset wheel that seems sure to entice customers who don’t wish to modify their car to fit deep-dished race wheels. As we know, dish is king when it comes to rims, so suss some out now at

7. Torque converter

TORQUE converter technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds in the past few years. With years of experience in manual clutch technology, McLeod is now stepping into the world of converters, giving racers on a budget access to converter technology usually reserved for the bigger-budget operations. You can find out more about the range at