‘New’ Ford XE Fairmont Ghia ESP V8 for auction

The last V8 XE Fairmont Ghia in mint condition with just 60km on the clock is now up for grabs



  • The last-ever V8-powered XE
  • Just 60km on the odometer
  • Never before offered for private sale

YOU probably thought your chance to buy an XE fresh from the showroom floor died around 40 years ago, but this gem just popped up for auction on Grays.com with only 60 friggin’ kilometres on the ticker.

The V8 part of the story is just as valuable as the low mileage, as this exact car marks the end of V8s being fitted to Fords in Australia after they temporarily canned them in 1982, due in part to an oil crisis.

This Fairmont was the last Aussie Ford officially built with a V8 in November ’82, and has a special plaque fitted to recognise that. Bent-eights didn’t officially return to Falcons until the 1990s in the EB.

The car was purchased as-new by Denmac Ford in Brisbane, and has been used as a display car that has never been sold privately. This means whoever walks away with the auction win will be this XE’s first private owners.

At the time of writing, the bids for this rare specimen had already exceeded $315,000, so who know where the ESP will end up by the time the auction ends in just over four days. Whoever would’ve thought we’d be writing about six figure XEs?

In saying that, values for these XD-XF Falcons had been on the climb well before COVID tax took a hold of the classic car market, with normal XE ESPs prices shooting to chrome-bumper levels over the past couple of years.

You can view the full listing for the XE now on Grays by following this link.