Video: Performing torsion and beaming testing on a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

The Customs 4 Cancer Camaro is going to cop a state-of-the-art Roadster Shop chassis - but before it does, the Moits crew need to establish a baseline with a stock vehicle


THE crew at Moits Motorcars are working hard to deliver their first custom build, all for a great cause.

We were introduced to the Customs 4 Cancer Pro Touring Camaro back in June. It’s set to be a stunning car, rendered by Street Machine’s newest Expression Session artist Aidan Donald.

In the first video of the build, Moits had just taken delivery of a Roadster Shop SPEC chassis to form the car’s backbone. But before that chassis can be engineered for Aussie road use, there’s testing to be done.

To gather data on Camaro chassis rigidity, the team borrowed an immaculate, stock example to perform torsional twist and beaming tests on. The amount of flex measured then serves as a baseline for the Roadster Shop chassis, which should be considerably stronger.

We’ve delved into this topic both online and in our April 2020 issue, but for the Moits crew it involved borrowing 600kg of bagged grout and setting up a rock-solid jig to mount the car on.

Engineer Peter Gillard was called in to perform the testing and assess the results, which he said were “remarkably solid” for a car of its vintage.

It’s a step forward for Moits, who can now focus on setting up the Roadster Shop chassis. In the meantime, the Customs 4 Cancer Pro Tourer has returned from the panel shop. Once the car’s finished, it will be raffled off and the proceeds will be split, with half the money given to The Cancer Council and the other half going towards the purchase of new prizes.

Street Machine will take a deeper dive into the Camaro’s chassis testing process in our unmissable 40th anniversary September issue, so keep an eye out for it later this month!