Mid-engined Ford Mustang to be revealed this week

Ford is expected to reveal a mid-engine Mustang at Monterey Car Week


Ford appears to be set to reveal a C8 Chevrolet Corvette-fighting mid-engined Mustang at Monterey Car Week, this Thursday.

According to Ford Authority, Canadian company Multimatic have built the display vehicle on a non-S650 platform. Multimatic have a deep relationship with Ford and were reponsible for building the epic Ford GT Mk II and the current Bronco DR. They also built the GT3 and GT4 Mustangs race cars.

Multimatic provides engineering and race services for many OEMs, including the bodywork, monocoque and suspension on the fearsome Aston Martin Vulcan.

There is no news yet if the new mid-engine Mustang will be petrol, hybrid, or electric-powered.

GT3 Mustang racer

The mid-engine Mustang is the strongest indication yet that Ford intends for the Mustang to be its own sub-brand, encompassing Pony cars (the S650), electric (Mach-E) and now a supercar.

Ford has toyed with a mid-engined Mustang in the past, namely the super-cute Mach 2 in 1967.

Not only that, but Ford’s Special Vehicle Division and Kar Kraft teamed up to build a 429 Boss-powered Mustang in 1969. Wildsville!

Stay tuned for more on the new vehicle as it comes to hand.