Mad Max-style XB Ford Falcon coupe for sale in Japan

If that floats your boat, you've got less than 24 hours to register and bid!


THIS XB Falcon hardtop is up for auction in Japan right now! If it floats your boat, you’ve got less than 24 hours to register and bid. It appears that the car was imported to Japan in 2001 and hasn’t done much of anything for the past six years. However, the owner reckons it fired up straight away with fresh fuel and a new battery.

1974 Mad Max XB Falcon workshop
Specs-wise, the car appears to be a GS, with a 351 Cleveland, 9-inch diff and a single rail Borg Warner four-speed in place of the factory Top Loader. Extras include power mirrors, fast glass on the front and remote central locking. Rubber measures up at 245/15 at the front and 295/15 at the rear.

1974 Mad Max XB Falcon interior left
While the car is not a full Mad Max replica, it does feature the roof and boot spoiler, along with side pipes, flares and the classic trailer-style rims.

1974 Mad Max XB Falcon engine
The seller is at pains to point out to local buyers that it would not be wise to attempt to drive the car away after purchase and that the XB will require maintenance for road use. He has a long list of work that has been done to the car, but the big question is how solid the car is.

1974 Mad Max XB Falcon exterior
The starting price is around $35K and if it stays that way, you could conceivably land the car in Australia for around $45,000. If the coupe is fundamentally sound, it is probably well-worth bringing it back to its homeland to terrorise wrong-doers once again.