Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang drift car gets a crazy out of bonnet twin-turbo setup and 1400hp!


SEEMS Internet drifting sensation Ken Block was paying attention to the Aussie Drag Week Chevelle boys with their out-of-bonnet twin-turbo big-block setup, because he’s now gone and done the same thing with his Hoonicorn Mustang drift car!

Ken Block Hoonicorn Mustang Turbo 4Ken Block reckons he recently got approval for a new drift video featuring the Hoonicorn Mustang, but in order to make it work the car needed even more horsepower than the 845hp it made aspirated. The obvious solution was a pair of turbochargers, but it had to look crazy so they went with high mounts and dump pipes pointed skywards. It’s suspiciously similar to Harry Haig’s Drag Week Chevelle setup, but hey maybe great minds just think alike.

Ken Block Hoonicorn Mustang Turbo 3Of course they didn’t just bolt on turbos to the existing high-revving aspirated Roush Yates 410-cube motor, they also switched to angrier Methanol fuel. The result is 1400hp at the crank on 21lb of boost, and that hits all four tyres through a custom made sequential race gearbox.

Ken Block Hoonicorn Mustang Turbo 5“I developed the concept for the general idea of what I wanted— two turbos sticking out the hood—and handed that over to my team. They came back with a functional way to make that happen and added methanol to get the setup to produce the power that I wanted. We ended up with 1400 horsepower! So they may have over delivered a bit—and I’m happy about that!” said Ken Block.

Ken Block Hoonicorn Mustang Turbo 1Frankly, we can’t wait to see what sort of tyre destruction is in store for the Hoonicorn Mustang V2.