New street machine gear: Ryobi right-angle drill + LED light upgrade + intake manifold + more

We check out some new gear on the market for your street machine



THERE’S nothing worse than when your normal drill won’t fit into a tight spot, and those cheap right-angle adapters are a pest to use. Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ right-angle drill is perfect for those tighter jobs, with adjustable speed, an LED light to illuminate those dark crevices, and a keyless chuck to make switching between drill bits a breeze. Being part of the ONE+ range, the drill will work with your existing Ryobi batteries, and you won’t have any power cords in the way. You can grab one now from your local Bunnings, or visit


ONE great way to bring your street machine into the 21st century is with some new lights; let’s face it, the original units are usually about as good as a candle in a jam jar. The guys at JTX Lighting offer a huge range of bolt-in upgrades for older Falcons, Kingswoods and so on. Not only are the LEDs bright as hell, but they also have a daytime running light feature and can be customised to suit your colour needs. Visit to find out more, and make sure you use our exclusive ‘Machine’ voucher code during checkout for 10 per cent off!


AN INTAKE manifold can make or break both the look and performance of any engine build, so you’ve gotta make sure you’re using the best. Calflow’s range of street and performance square-bore intake manifolds are cast in high-pressure steel dies rather than the typical pour-in method. This ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy in port and water passage alignment, so they fit like a dream and do a mad job of optimising performance. They’re available for all your favourite hero V8s, including small- and big-block Chev, Ford Windsor, Holden plastic, Chrysler small-block and LS1, LS2 and LS6. To find out more, go to or call 1800 722 227.


SOMETIMES the old ways are best, and there’s still nothing wrong with a good old manual boost tee to set and modify the pressure on turbocharged systems. Turbosmart is the industry expert and has just revamped its trusty boost tee with a new design. The unit is now 33 per cent smaller and made from billet aluminium. The gate feature that allows maximum boost has been retained from the previous design, and it also has an anti-tamper lock to stop the adjustment moving once it’s set. Being Turbosmart, the tees are designed and made right here in Australia, and you can choose from blue or black. Find out more at


IF YOU missed out on grabbing one of our new SMOTY 2021 T-shirts from our merch stand at Street Machine Summernats 34, then we have good news! The shirt is now up on our online store, with unisex adult sizes ranging from S to 5XL. The tee is made from high-quality AS Colour material and printed here in Australia, with artwork from renowned artist Marty Schneider depicting 2021 SMOTY winner Chad Ribbons’s stunning HD Holden ute. Make sure you grab one now from our online store at


NEW replacements for old, worn-out factory hardware make us all warm and fuzzy inside, and that pleasure is no longer relegated to just the chrome-bumper crowd. VN-VS Commodore owners who’re in need of a fresh intake hose are in luck, as Rare Spares now offers a direct replacement for the flexible rubber section. It suits both V8 and V6 intakes, including the factory OTR. You can find out more at


LOWERED cars are sick, but what’s not so cool is getting them up off the ground. Car ramps take the pain out of fitting a jack under your slammed pride and joy, and can even save you the hassle of having to jack up the car at all for basic servicing. Proflow now offers both normal and low-profile ramps to suit any beast. Each ramp is rated to 1000kg per corner, and they’re made of durable plastic. That means you get all the strength you need while keeping weight down, so you can make them a part of your track-day kit. The low-profile pair even comes with a carry bag to make moving and storing the ramps a breeze. Grab a pair now from