The power output of the Saleen Mustang has grown in leaps and bounds. Check out their latest offerings


WHEN the first Saleen Mustang first hit the scene in 1984 it had some fancy wheels, flash stickers, good suspension and a stock 175hp carby-fed 5-litre engine – they made three of them.

The next year saw the introduction of EFI 175hp engine with auto transmission, or you could go for the 210hp four-barrel HO option with the manual trans. By 1986 there was just one engine option – the HO EFI 5-litre with 210hp.

Fast forward 30 years and the power output of the Saleen Mustang has grown in leaps and bounds. Check out their latest offerings. Available in White or Black label; the 2015 S302 White Label ($42,000US) produces a healthy 450hp from its 5-litre Coyote engine. But if you’re feeling a little bit naughty there’s the supercharged Black Label edition which punches out 730hp on 95-octane (91-octane in the US) and it’ll deliver 750 horses on the premium 98-octane go gas. That’s even more than the 707hp Hellcat Challenger!

Couple all that with some aggressive styling, big brakes and rubber, and performance suspension, and you’ve got a Mustang that will show its taillights to just about anything, but it’ll cost you a tad over $73,000US and we seriously doubt that they’ll be available with the steering wheel on the right side.

For those wanting something a little less ostentatious there’s also a Yellow Label edition. It loses a few exterior and underneath goodies, but keeps the supercharged engine with an output of 715hp, which is still enough to thumb the nose at those smug Dodge Hellcat owners. The best part is the price, and at just over $53,000US we reckon more than a few will be ticking that box.

In the meantime, drool over these Black Label images. It’s one sexy looking machine.

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