Family statement on Rod and Carol Hadfield accident

Allison and Damien Hadfield have issued a statement on the status of their parents Rod and Carol, following a road accident on the weekend


Legendary husband and wife team, Rod and Carol Hadfield were involved in a severe car accident yesterday, that has left Carol with serious injuries.

Their children Allison and Damien have issued this statement on Facebook, updating the car community on their condition.

We’ve reproduced the statement in full below. While we feel helpless, we’re going to take up their suggestion of donating blood.

“As many of you may have already heard Rod and Carol Hadfield were involved in an accident Sunday lunchtime while on a rod run with other members of the Castlemaine Rods. They were in their 1935 Ford pick up.

At this stage we are unsure of exactly what caused the accident, but it appears that the car hit a pothole and collided with another vehicle. Carol has sustained multiple broken bones along the left-hand side of her body, a punctured lung and blood loss.

She was stabilised at Echuca hospital before being airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital by plane Sunday night. Damien has spoken with her and with the hospital staff prior to undergoing surgery. As at 8pm Monday night she is still in surgery.

Rod spent Sunday night in Echuca Hospital and is home now with Damien. He is OK physically, but still in some shock. The occupants of the other car also sustained some injuries, and we are unsure of their status.

As you can imagine we are deeply shocked and worried for Carol but she is in the best possible place to treat her injuries. We have been overwhelmed with messages and offers of help and concern.

At this stage we do not know what we need but we appreciate the thoughts. Some things you can do to help out at this early stage include: giving blood, doing something to support your local hospital and medical staff who have all been fantastic on this journey, or something that supports your local police and emergency services who have also been wonderful to deal with.

We understand people want information and that some information has already been shared on social media. We would prefer that photographs of the scene not be shared at this stage until we know more information. We are happy for people to share this statement and we will try and keep updates coming. Until that time your patience would be appreciated.”

Allison and Damien Hadfield