FORD reveals its final fast Falcon models, with more grunt from its turbo six and supercharged V8 engines


FORD Australia has confirmed the final Aussie-built fast Falcons will go out with a bang wearing revived Sprint badges last seen on the limited edition AU XR6 and also on the ED Falcon. More than just a badge, though, the new models, which are due in showrooms next month, will be the most powerful yet, producing up to 400kW in XR8 Sprint form.

The XR6 Sprint packs a 325kW/576Nm turbocharged straight six running the same turbo and injectors as the now retired FPV F6 models. The local Ford engineers have also added a larger intercooler, new airbox and larger intake, while giving the six-speed auto transmission the F6 treatment. Purists will likely bemoan the lack of a manual gearbox option on the XR6 Sprint but Ford reckons its turbo six customers aren’t buying the three-pedal car.

Like previous FPV models, the XR6 Sprint features an ‘overboost’ function where peak power is significantly increased for up to 10 seconds when conditions allow for it, taking maximum power to 370kW/650 Nm.

The XR6 Sprint is priced from $54,990, compared to $45,690 for a standard 270kW turbo automatic, and $55,690 for the auto XR8. Along with the extra grunt, the XR6 Sprint gains a new suspension tune, 19-inch alloys and bigger gold-painted Brembo stoppers over the standard model.

The range-topping XR8 Sprint has the same chassis mods over the ordinary eight-pack Falcon, but the big change here is under the bonnet. The supercharged 5.0-litre V8 now pumps out 345kW/575Nm (1Nm less than the XR6) but, like the boosted six, the blown V8 has an overboost function that takes power up to 400kW and 650Nm. How much of this is marketing and how much is engineering is hard to determine, but suffice to say, we can’t wait to take the V8 Sprint for a strap.

The XR8 is available with either a six-speed manual ($59,990) or auto ($62,190), the latter using the FPV GT-F tune.

If you want one of these final Falcon Sprint models you’ll need to act fast as just 550 six-cylinder models will be built, along with 850 V8s.