Video: Brand new FG-X XR8 Sprint for sale

It only has 90 kilometres on the clock and features the 483kW Holy Grail package


You’d think the opportunity to score yourself a brand new FG-X XR8 Falcon ended long ago when Ford Australia sadly closed shop in 2016, but now thanks to Premcar you can have one last chance to own a brand new version.

This car is not the last FG-X Falcon built, but rather the last one sold.

As we all know, the FG-X is the last generation of Falcon – which ended production in October 2016 when Ford Australia ceased making cars locally.

However, this FG-X XR8 Sprint sat unused and unregistered in brand new condition at Westpoint Ford in Melbourne for another two years after the factories closed, until the Premcar bosses got wind of it in late 2018.

“It had been sitting there for two years doing nothing, but because it had been sitting there for so long it had no kms on it,” said Bernie Quinn, Premcar Engineering Director. “[It] had never been registered and was up for sale as a brand new vehicle – actually with a five year warranty,” he said.

To date, the car still sits in as-new condition with only 90 kilometres on the odometer.

So what is Premcar, and why is it so important to this story?

Premcar originally started in Australia as Prodrive, which looked after the Ford Performance Vehicle program (FPV).

“This company and these employees did all the work on the FPV vehicles, including the development of the Miami engine in the first place,” said Quinn.

Now Premcar is responsible for projects such as the tuned-up Navara Pro-4X, but as part of its former FPV operations, it took care of the development of the supercharged Miami 5.0-litre V8 that was used in FG FPVs and eventually found its way into the FG-X XR8 and XR8 Sprint.

Because of that, Premcar decided to offer its Holy Grail package to FG-X XR8 owners in 2019, which is exactly what this car is fitted with, to achieve that monumental 483kW power figure.

“We knew the car and we knew the engine back to front, and we knew exactly what to do to unleash its full potential,” said Quinn.

What was needed to uncap such potential revolved around inter-cooling.

In standard guise, the FG-X XR8 Sprint could produce a maximum of 400kW/650Nm on over-boost, but thanks to; a completely new intake manifold, triple-pass water-to-air intercooler, bigger heat exchanger and a tune – the Holy Grail punches out that phenomenal 483kW/753Nm swing.

The Holy Grail also takes rpm up to 7000 (compared to the standard 6250rpm), which required a re-think of the water and power steering pump systems to cope at high revs.

The chassis also got extensive upgrades, featuring Shockworks coilovers, CNC billet rear trailing blades and forged aluminium wheels measuring 19×8.5 and 19×10 in the rear with grippy Michelin rubber usually reserved for high-end Euro products.

“This is kind of the unlimited, ultimate Falcon,” said Quinn.

With all the options ticked, the Holy Grail option cost XR8 owners $44,175 for both the engine and chassis upgrades.

This FG-X XR8 Sprint was used by Premcar as its showcase vehicle for the Holy Grail package, with all those options fitted and using the six-speed ZF automatic transmission that was fitted as standard.

Now that the program has ended, Premcar is looking to broaden its workload with other projects (such as the Pro-4X Navara), so this brand new FG-X is ready for a new home.

“We’ve got a couple of other Holy Grails that we can drive when we need to drive one, so this one we’re going to put up for sale,” added Quinn.

The car is currently for sale at the here, with offers over AU$160,000 considered.