Lego enthusiast builds Mad Max panel van

Cundalini wants his yellow hand back!


Dutch Lego builder Jan van Laar has rendered custom, screen-accurate models of three icons from the original Mad Max films.

Using digital building program, Jan, who goes by the name Besbasdesign on Facebook, began with a 1:35-scale version of Max Rockatansky’s HJ Sandman panel van.

There’s an impressive amount of detail featured in the build, including rectangular XC GXL-style headlights, an opening tailgate, holiday luggage strapped to the roof, and even twin chromed exhaust pipes.

In proper form, he’s also rendered Cundalini’s unfortunate incident at the hands of Max’s wife Jessie.

Jan has created step-by-step instructions to build the van, which are now available via Rebrickable.

Next on the list is a Road Warriorspec Pursuit Special. Jan has once again nailed the Falcon coupe’s body lines, managing to replicate its triangular quarter window and sloping bonnet in a model less than 20 centimetres long.

Jerry cans and long-range tanks rest in the back, just as they appeared in the legendary 1981 flick.

Jan’s most recent creation is Max’s XB Interceptor sedan, used to send the Nightrider to his fiery death in the first film’s opening chase. Jan has used a little bit of editing to apply the MFP insignia, but it’s otherwise all-lego, right down to the bonnet scoop and roof spoiler.

Lego fans have been creating their own Mad Max vehicles for years — your author included.

I built this accurately-scaled Big Bopper model in 2015, slicing up some Lego stickers to achieve the line-work.

I followed up with the lightweight autogryo – piloted by Bruce Spence’s character in The Road Warrior. It’s primarily made from cut 4mm Lego tubing, and held together with clip pieces.

Though it’s not quite Mad Max, I also put together this XY GTHO Phase III Falcon, as raced by Mike in 1982’s Running on Empty.