Classic car auction – ‘General Lee’ Charger, HDT VL, XY Fairmont and more

The Lloyds Auctions team hits Essendon in Victoria this weekend


THE merry men (and women) from Lloyds Auctions are hitting Victoria this weekend, with a bumper crop of classics to tempt those of us with a few bucks stashed under the mattress. Here are our picks of the crop:

Holden HK Kingswood uteThere is a lot to like about this HK Kingswood ute just the way it is. Mechanically, it is as basic as these things get, with a 161 red motor matched to a three-on-the-three gearbox.

Holden HK ute trimThe white duco contrasts with the red trim nicely, while with factory bucket seats, GTS hubcaps and rear venetian increase the bling factor just enough.

Chrysler CL ValiantWhen the zombie apocalypse comes, you could do worse for a getaway vehicle than a black, V8-equipped CL Valiant sedan.

Chrysler CL Valiant dashOk, the 318 isn’t going to break any land speed records, but we dig the rock and roll touches on the car, including the eight-ball gear shift knob, sunroof and Mad Max-style Sunraysia rims.

Chrysler ValiantFor a rather more restrained Valiant, we have this elegant 1969 VF VIP.

Valiant engine bayWhile it runs the slant six rather than the more-desirable 318 V8, the car is said to be a one-owner with just 80,000 miles on the clock.

Ford ZC FairlaneAnother cool early 70s luxury ride is this ZC Fairlane 500, packing a 302 Windsor, power steering, six seats and a vinyl roof.

Lloyds report that the car presents with excellent panels and has a current roadworthy.

HDT VL CalaisAnything with the Brock name on it has a bit of magic about it. Well, maybe not the Brock Lada Samara. This 1987 VL HDT VL Calais Sport, however, is pretty flash.

HDT VL Calais interiorWhile the stock 304 and Trimatic are nothing to get too excited about, the car looks to be in cracking condition, with oodles of 1980s goodness, including red velour trim, car phone, five Momo Star rims (including the spare) and yep, an Energy Polariser.

Ford XY FairmontThis XY Fairmont may only have a six-pack under the bonnet, but we dig the colour combo and chrome rims. All it needs is a Barra six conversion to upset the purists!

Dodge ChargerLast but by no means least is this ’69 Dodge Charger coupe in full General Lee livery. Just the thing for taking off sweet jumps and outrunning the fuzz, Lloyds attests that the car has been described by John Schneider (Bo Duke himself) as the best replica he’s seen.

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