Auction watch: XW ute, HG Monaro, Chevelle SS

We take a look at some of the hotties crossing the block at this week’s Grays classic car auction


Another week brings with it a Grays classic car auction, so naturally we’ve gone through the offerings and cherry-picked some of our favourites for you to have a geez at.

Bidding is open on all lots now and starts wrapping up from 8:15pm AEDT on 13 February – so if anything takes your fancy, make sure you jump on it!

Up first is this killer 1969 XW ute that graced the pages of our horsepower bible in the April 2019 issue.

Much like when we featured it, the ute’s rocking a cammed 351 Cleveland, C4 auto and nine-inch rear end. The dash has been changed to GS spec, but the rest of the trim and the resprayed 2K Vermilion Fire hue is still intact.

It’s a perfect jump-in-and-drive street cruiser that ticks all the boxes, so we expect the current bid (at the time of writing) of AU$27,100 to triple before the hammer falls.

If you’re one of the many in the hunt for an HK-HG Monaro and aren’t scared of a project, this genuine 1970 HG GTS could be a looker.

We’re not going to sit here and tell you it’s a minter, because it really isn’t. It’s a car that warrants a good inspection before bidding, but consider this: even in the rough shape it’s in, it’s still a complete HG GTS Monaro.

Given the prices of even non-rolling HK-HG shells, this would form the perfect base for a restoration or street machine project, as you’d already have all the parts. The current bid of AU$50,250 reflects the sheer demand for these things, and we wouldn’t be surprised if another AU$30,000-$40,000 lobs on top of that by auction’s end.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is this 1955 FJ Special, which has been lovingly restored.

It’s not a complete concours job, but it’s certainly good enough for a weekend cruiser. Unlike hero cars of the 60s and 70s, FX and FJ Holden values have remained somewhat stable during this crazy time. The current bid of AU$30,000 will go up, but not so much that it will become unattainable to most.

If you don’t care about a documented collector’s item and just want something to put some hair on your chest, this ’82 VH Commodore could be the spice you’re after.

There’s no HDT documentation here, but instead you get a (claimed) 500hp 355ci V8 and a cheeky nitrous system for even more pep.

Bidding as we type sits at AU$25,200, with a reserve still to be broken.

S550 Muzzys are a dime a dozen on the roads these days, so setting yourself apart from the GT crowd can be a bit of a struggle.

One sure-fire way to do that is with a 750hp Roush Phase II supercharger kit, which is exactly what this one has. Combine that with the carbon bonnet and bootlid, Shockworks coil-overs and Simmons spinners and you sure won’t look like every other pensioner in their stocko GT.

Punters are offering up AU$50,100 as we write, but with new GTs costing significantly more than that, you’ll have to punch in a much higher number to break the reserve.

Chevelles are a rare sight on Aussie roads, and that’s a crying shame, because the 1970 Chevelle SS is one of the toughest shapes to ever come out of Detroit.

This example is claimed to be fully restored, still rocking the original left-hook layout and all the importation papers from when it landed on our shores. Bidding sits at AU$48,100, which appears to be pretty shy of breaking the reserve.

Another left-hand-drive muscle car up for grabs is this 1963 Dodge Polara 440.

In Australia, we know this shape as the Dodge Phoenix, and we here at Street Machine still own the RHD ’63 Phoenix sedan that featured in our Carnage YouTube show.

Given how few of these there are in the country, a final sale price is hard to predict. What is obvious though is that with no reserve and a current bid of just AU$4600, there’s a good chance someone will snatch up a cheap way into some awesome chrome-bumper muscle.

The massive price rise that Japanese cars have been enjoying in the past 18 months has brought a whole range of rare JDM icons out of the woodwork, and that includes the two-door version of the first-gen Impreza WRX.

This one isn’t an original collector’s item, but the fact that it’s a two-door STi means it’ll still attract the attention of Subaru nuts. Bidding right now is at AU$15,300, and with no reserve to overcome, it should draw a lot of happy bidders hoping to snag a JDM bargain.

Another Japanese model that has seen a big price hike is the FD RX-7, but this one isn’t technically a Mazda.

It’s an Efini, which was one of Mazda’s short-lived luxury marques, similar to what Lexus is to Toyota. That means this RX-7 has things like a full leather interior, sunroof, BBS alloys and what looks like a pretty wacky Bose stereo set-up in the boot.

Much like the rest of the car, the signature twin-turbo 13B rotary engine looks free of aftermarket junk. That’s a good thing, because the AU$166,000 paid for an original FD SP RX-7 at auction last year shows the value of these things in untouched form.

The current bid of AU$18,200 isn’t representative of the car’s true value, and we’d suggest at least AU$60,000-$80,000 would be required to rehome it.

To check out these cars and all the others currently hitting the block for this week’s Grays classic car auction, just follow the link here and have your credit card ready!