Brad McGill’s 1969 Ford XW Falcon ute

Brad McGill's 1969 Ford XW Falcon ute

Photographers: Jordan Leist

“I bought my 1969 XW ute in pretty decent condition. The body was as rust-free as you can get; it just needed a new front end.

This article on Brad’s XW ute was first published in the March 2019 issue of Street Machine

I decided to add a steel reverse-cowl to the new bonnet. I wanted a clean look but it just needed something, and I think the reverse-cowl allowed me to get away without adding any stripes.

The ute had GT stripes when I bought it but they had to go. The condition of the 351ci Cleveland was an unknown, so it was a nervous moment starting her up after getting everything with the engine sorted. After some minor tweaks, it was all good. It’s running a mild cam, C4 auto with a 2500rpm converter and nine-inch diff with 3.5 gears.

The wheels are Street Pros, with Mickey Thompson 255/60R15 rear rubber. Interior is all stock XW GT trim, while the paint is a custom 2K variation on Vermilion Fire.

The main aim with everything on the ute was to keep everything simple and clean and straight as possible, with no stripes anywhere! I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. It’s fun to drive.”

Photographers: Jordan Leist