Auction watch: VS GTSR, HJ Sandman, EL XR8 and more

We’ve had a dig around for some of our picks coming up for auction both here and overseas


It’s that time of the week again when we take a look at some of the big bangers and bargains coming up for auction, and we’ve also had a quick glance across the ditch to see what Aussie metal is doing overseas.

Starting off locally is yet another Grays classic car auction, with some neat V8 stuff being the theme this time around.

Most of these listings will wrap up on Tuesday next week (November 16), so if anything takes your fancy we suggest you jump on it fast.

First up is a HJ Sandman panel van, finished in eye-catching green with a 350-cuber V8 and TH700 automatic ‘box.

Panel vans of this era tend to rust out at a rapid rate, meaning they’re even thinner on the ground than their sedan counterparts and therefore highly desirable.

Bidding as we write is at $21,100, and it would appear a reserve is well off being met. A fully restored Sandman without the matching numbers V8 sold at another auction for $104,275 (before premiums) earlier this year.

If you’re sick of GTHO replicas, but still want a V8 XY Falcon, then an original K-Code XY Fairmont should get your tummy rumbling.

The K-Code effectively means you get all the GT goodies optioned into a Fairmont, which for this car means an angry 351 topped with that signature shaker bonnet and scoop.

It claims original condition with all the documents and 27,000 miles (43,452 kilometres) showing. Given Falcon 500s-turned-GT-replicas have been selling for figures at and over $100k, expect this car to well surpass the $53,509 it commands as we write.

If you’re looking to get into an up and coming classic, this factory manual EL XR8 is a tasty proposition.

It has 185,000km on the ticker, appears to be all original and curently has a top bid of only $4333 with no reserve – so someone could score a real bargain.

If you want something a tad older, but still shoved with a bent-eight and on a budget, this 1982 XE Sportwagon would make a perfect club plate cruiser.

It’s fitted with the 4.9-litre version of Ford’s Clevo V8, auto transmission and a fat set of 12 slotters for a pretty mean look.

Bidding is an unrealistic $1909 with three days left, but we reckon that if you can nab it for less than $15k you’ve got yourself a seriously cool budget cruiser, with room for the kids and the dog.

If a wagon is to your taste, but Holden is the preferred flavour, then this 1989 HSV VN LE wagon ticks the boxes.

With 272,000km it’s well travelled, but for a car of this age it still presents in pretty good nick and bidding is only at $12,400 with no reserve – essentially half the price of a VN SS.

This is one of those “I don’t remember the last time I saw one of those for sale” cars – a 1969 Ford Capri MkII 1600 GT!

Most of these things had massive Ford V8s slammed between the towers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, so finding a GT with the 1600cc four-banger still in place is a rarity.

Bidding currently sits at $13,500, and a fair way off of the reserve, but with so few of these up for grabs it’s hard to guess what kind of figure would see someone take it home.

There’s some big action taking place in New Zealand as well, with Turners Cars seeing a bunch of rare Aussie metal crossing the block later this month – with some big estimates to boot.

The first is a VS HSV GTSR, this one being one of only 10 GTSRs shipped to NZ from the 85 total made, with 88,000km now on the clock.

It presents in original condition with all the official documents, and with the first VS GTSR selling at auction less than a month ago for AU$1million, there’s a good chance of the reserve estimate of NZ$330,000-$380,000 (AU$317,000-$365,000) getting well and truly surpassed.

Coinciding with the recent price jump for VS GTSRs has been the later-model VFs, and both a Maloo and sedan are up for grabs at the same auction.

Both are standard cars, fitted with the supercharged 6.2-litre LSA V8, six-speed automatic and finished in Spitfire green.

The Maloo has 24,000km on it, while the sedan is a tad higher at 40,000km. The auction house estimates anywhere between NZ$220,000-$280,000 (AU$211,000-$269,000) will break their reserve, which roughly matches local sales figures for VF GTSRs.

Compared to those three, this 1977 HX Monaro could almost be considered a cheap alternative.

Finished in absinth yellow, it still bares the matching numbers 308 V8 and automatic slusher, with 195,000km on the odometer – but no noticeable wear to show for it.

The auctioneers predict a bid of between NZ$60,000-$70,000 will break the reserve (AU$57,000-$67,000), which seems pretty cheap for any Monaro in this day and age.

You can view the full list of vehicles for sale by Grays at this link here, and all the cars listed in New Zealand by Turners Cars can be found here.