Auction watch: HJ Sandman, Dodge Phoenix, EL GT Falcon and more

We check out the latest metal going through Grays, from a humble XE S-Pack, through to the mighty EL GT


Right out of this gate, this HJ Holden Sandman van is the kind of vehicle red-blooded young men ached for in the late 70s and early 80s.

We’ve got thongslapping 253 V8 for the correct note and the must-have four-speed manual gearbox – autos were not the done thing back then!

Hotwire rims, twin headlight Statesman front end and pop up sunroof all jive with that classic vibe.

This 1961 Dodge Phoenix is sweetie, still presenting well after a full resto in the early 2000s. Powered by a 318 Poly motor and push-button auto, the Dodge has the added comforts of air con, power steer and a decent stereo.

If it was ours, we’d give it a service, treat the suspension to an attitude adjustment, fit a set of Cragars and cruise off into the sunset.

While looks are a completely subjective matter, the EL Falcon GT will never go down in the history books as one of Ford Australia’s great styling successes. However, with 90s nostaliga all the rage, the market for both the EB and EL GT has risen strongly of late. It also doesn’t hurt that the 90’s GTs celebrated the 25th and 30th anniversary of the GT, either.

This example looks to be in great nick and would be sure to cause a ruckus at any cars and coffee the lucky buyer might take it to.

The early 80s might have been a dire time for Ford fans, with the Blue Oval dropping the V8 and failing to replace it with anything so interesting as a turbo six. But the execs didn’t care – they were making bank selling six pot S-Pack Falcons without a skerrick of extra horsepower hand over fist.

And while S-Pack sedans cluttered up every RSL carpark back in the day and job sites were overrun with the utes (kinda like the Ranger Raptor in 2022), good examples – either original or restored – are hard to find these days.

This tidy unit is located in WA and has widend 12-slotters, air con and power steering.

Also out of WA is this well-presented VS Clubsport, complete with LS1 conversion, reverse cowl scoop and big-inch Walky-style rims.

Bidding on all of these ends Tuesday night, you can check out the full listings here.