Auction watch: HQ Monaro, Lincoln Continental and more

Plenty of goodies are up for grabs at Grays right now


One of our favourite ways to end the week at Street Machine is to check out what’s cropped up at the latest Grays auction. We love picking over the listings, finding a bargain or three, and discussing the market at large.

This week’s auction is a true mixed bag. You’ll find the full selection of cars here, but scroll down for some of our top picks and a few left-of-centre rides.

This hot HQ LS Monaro is leading the bidding charge, approaching its reserve with a bid of $110,000 at time of writing.

It’s a factory 350 car, with the small-block Chev now stroked to 388 cubes and wearing AFR heads.

Mechanical details are otherwise a bit thin on the ground, but the fresh-looking paint, big rolling stock, reverse cowl and meaty twin-pipe system speak for themselves.

There’s also a custom grey-trimmed interior with Recaro pews, and check that immaculate engine bay!

FPV’s Super Pursuit was a dreamboat for kids who grew up in the mid-2000s, and this in-your-face octane orange Mark II is a great example of the breed, custom Maori-themed decals and all.

It gets points in our eyes for having a manual behind the Boss 290 donk, and it has actually been driven – showing a respectable 189,647km on the clock.

The ute has cracked its reserve, with a current bid of $14,300 — meaning somebody could snag a bargain, considering plain-Jane XR8 utes have recently fetched similar money.

For the Holden faithful in hunt of an icon from the era, this cammed, six-cog VZ ClubSport looks like a ton of fun.

The 6.0 has copped a VCM710 bumpstick package, alongside Pacemaker extractors, three-inch exhaust system, and 3.9 diff gears, plus 20-inch Walkinshaw wheels and a subtle Senator-spec rear wing.

It’s described as being in good condition all-round and has so far pulled a top bid of $26,000, beating its reserve.

Fancy a pocket rocket that’ll properly stand out at your local Cars and Coffee? Try this Mitsubishi RVR Sportsgear on for size!

Essentially a family-friendly, sliding-door-equipped version of a Lancer EVO, it packs a 4G63 paired to a five-speed ‘box and AWD drivetrain, laying down 160kW.

Grays says this car is in need of some TLC as it has a cracked windscreen and no reverse gear, but it’s got potential to be a truly different weekender.

It may not be the most practical vehicle for the job, but we’d love to see somebody transform this big-block powered 1973 Mark IV Lincoln Continental into a Drag Challenge weapon.

It’s a right-hook car with a 460 and column auto, while the interior is decked out with ultra-plush (if not due for a steam clean) buttoned upholstery.

It looks to be in very good shape overall, though it’s so far battling to hit reserve with a top offer of $8,000 so far.

For a Yank coupe with a much more familiar shape, here’s a 1966 Falcon ‘Sports Coupe’ in original condition running a Stromberg-fed 200ci six and column-shift arrangement.

With a basic tidy-up it could be a sweet survivor car, or a great tribute to Al Turner’s ‘Super Roo’ GT show car of yore with a bit more work.

Last-hurrah Valiants rarely seem to command the same values as their XC or HZ compatriots, meaning they’re a more attainable way into chrome-bumper cruising.

The tidy CM Regal you see here looks to accurately reflect its 208,000km odometer reading, wearing a vinyl top and plush two tone interior, and packing a 318 between the rails.

Though it’s still well off its reserve at a current $2200, it’s already drawn 10 bids with a few days of action remaining.

This VY S ute is another gem at Grays’ Pooraka, SA, base. Look past all the Maloo and SS gear and you’ll find a 3.8-litre Ecotec with a whopping single turbo strapped to the side.

It’s described as having a built engine, and is accompanied by a dyno sheet showing 222rwkW — well above the output from a stocker VY SS.

The virtual auctioneer’s hammer will fall on this batch of cars on Tuesday, July 5, so get bidding!