Auction watch: SL/R 5000, VG Maloo, ED XR8 Sprint and more

It's a Holden fan's paradise as we’re spoiled for choice at this week’s Grays classic auction


It’s a bumper week at Grays classic car auction – we’re truly spoiled for choice with an endless amount of rare beasts to scroll through.

First up is an HSV SV88 VL. The SV88 was one of the first HSVs ever produced, based on the V8 Calais with a unique bodykit, Walkinshaw wheels and a power upgrade that HSV claimed yielded 15 per cent more stonk than the standard 5.0-litre V8.

Only 150 SV88s were made, which, coupled with this example only having 68,000 kilometres on the clock and it being in original condition, means the bidding has already totalled $111,888, with a reserve still to be broken.

If turbo is your preferred flavour of VL, then this genuine VL Calais Turbo with just under 140,000km on the clock is for you.

The red hue is slightly faded, but the interior still looks to be in tip top condition and the modifications we can see are small and easily reversible for those wanting an all-original collector piece.

We all know prices for these things have been going nuts for quite some time now, so don’t be surprised if the current bid of $30,250 doubles before the hammer falls on Tuesday night.

When was the last time you saw a VG Maloo? We can’t remember, and that’s because they only made 132 of them.

Any pre-VU Maloos are thin on the ground now, and the VG is the genesis for the Maloo nameplate.

This one is build number 122/132, with 141,000km on the clock and an LPG set up.

Bidding is at $15,500 with the reserve still a long way off, so we’ll be watching with interest to see what sells for.

If you want a V8 VN to stand out from the crowd of Atlas grey SSs, then this genuine HDT VN Aero gives you 5.0-litres of V8 Holden goodness (and three pedals!) with a unique bodykit and story.

The VN Aero marked a big change for HDT, as it was built after the company was sold off to the Coloraffi family in the fallout of the Brock Energy Polarizer controversy with Holden.

The Aero could be had in either V8 or V6 form, this one being build number 19 with the V8 and manual options ticked and 146,000km travelled.

Bidding right now is at $20,100, and with VN SS prices nearly double that in this climate, you’d think it has a way to climb.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a hero car for the Ford fans too – and it’s a bloody gud’n!

The 1994 ED Falcon XR8 Sprint is the nastiest version you can buy in this body shape short of an EB GT, and this example is a real pearler.

It’s rolling on a set EL GT wheels, is a factory manual car (hallelujah!) and has upgraded alloy heads and a beefier camshaft to equal a claimed 210rwkW – more than Ford originally quoted for this car at the flywheel.

With the signature XR-exclusive quad headlights and only 90,000km on the odo, there’s a good chance someone’s going to have to pay more than double the $12,500 the bidding currently sits at, as prices for both these early Sprint XRs have been going north for some time now.

A bright yellow, matching numbers SL/R 5000? Yes please!

This 1974 LH Torry is one of the cleaner chrome bumper Aussie heroes crossing the block this week at Grays, but it’s a bit spicier than a normal collector’s piece.

The original 308 remains, but has been given a tickle with flat top pistons, L34 rods, Yella Terra heads clamped down with ARP head studs, a Crane 286 cam and an Edlebrock intake manifold topped with a Holley 650 double pumper.

The M21 four speed still sits behind the donk, and the odometer indicates just 26,250km.

An original LX SLR 5000 was passed in at $360,000 earlier this year, so we’d consider the $40,250 currently bid on this LH a fraction of the final sale price.

If you’re after a hatch instead, and you’re not afraid of the project, this genuine 1976 LX SS would fit the bill perfectly.

The panels and the basic bones are there to make one seriously tough street machine, and with a six-pot currently sitting between the chassis rails you don’t have to feel guilty about ripping out a special matching numbers mill for something from the 21st century.

To finish off, we’ve got some true JDM heroes that should fetch some big numbers when the hammer falls on Tuesday night.

Once upon a time, S13s were seen as nothing more than cheap drift missiles, which means there’s bugger all of them left now.

This one has the top level driveline, with a red top SR20DET turbo four banger and five speed manual.

It only has 140,000km on the clock and (at least from what we can see) an uncracked dash!

The days of tripping over $2000 S13s are long gone, and private sale prices tell us that around $20,000-$25,000 will be needed to land this one.

The first-gen GC8 WRX is an icon of the Japanese car scene, and thankfully Subaru had the good sense to make an abundance of STi-fettled versions during its long production run.

This particular one is a Version IV STi, meaning you get a bunch of STi touches – including 276hp of boxer goodness.

It claims to be a locally delivered car as well, with a documented service history and a smidge under 100,000km on the ticker.

Prices in the GC8 market are all over the shop right now, but we do know that the bidding on this STi is over $30,000 as we write, with a reserve still to be met.

Most of these listings start wrapping up on the evening of December 14, so click the link here to view them all and make sure you have your credit card handy.