Auction watch: Dodge Viper, HT GTS Monaro replica, off-road Fairlane and more

Rounding up some of the coolest, rarest and weirdest metal in this week's Grays Classic Auction


When it comes to the Aussie car auction scene, Grays always comes up with a smorgasbord of cool stuff, from high-end collector cars to first-project pearlers.

Here’s a smidge of what’s up for grabs until Tuesday, with heaps more going under the hammer on the Grays website.

We’re digging this manual 1993 Dodge Viper RT! The right-hook car looks super-fresh despite turning 30 next year, and wears a TWR (aka Walkinshaw) compliance plate next to the hulking 8-litre V10 powerplant.

It’s quickly approaching reserve, with a top bid of $101,000 at time of writing.

This Pursuit 170-powered XM Deluxe may not be a concours example, but it looks just about ready to cruise. It has a few modern pieces attached, including an aftermarket tacho, 21st-century headunit, and even a head-up speedo on the dash.

The column auto car has also copped a refresh in the engine bay, with the early Falcon six wearing a Holley carby. Described by Grays as being in good condition all-’round with 92,092 miles on the odometer, it’s still a way off cracking reserve.

Here’s a certifiably tough HT GTS tribute, packing a 383ci Chev stroker, beefed-up Turbo 700 auto, and Ford nine-inch with peppy 3.55 gears. It’s also pulled a fair bit of interest, with 138 bids as of Friday afternoon.

The 20-year-old resto job has held up admirably, and the car has reportedly only travelled about 3000 miles since the rebuild.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an XG Falcon van this neat in the wild! By 1995, Ford Australia had long-abandoned any performance angle in the panelvan range, but this example has been tarted up with SVO wheels, grille, and matching two-tone finish for a clean look.

It’s not entirely clear if the van is a genuine Mick Webb-built SVO or a tribute, but there’s an SVO dash and (tatty) wheel inside to complete the theme. Practical touches include a bench seat and dual fuel LPG conversion, making trips to the bowser a little bit less painful in today’s world.

It may be wearing some BnS-type gear that’s not to everybody’s taste, but this thongslapper-powered WB ute looks like a relatively straight, solid base to work from.

Inside is a column auto and later-model bucket seat arrangement, though it’s missing some door card parts and needs some general tidying up. We reckon it would make a great first project, parts runner, or weekend circle work weapon.

We can never ignore an Autozam AZ-1 when it comes up. A good chunk of us at SM are simply too tall to even think about cramming ourselves into one of these kawaii machines, so we’ll just stare forlornly at its three-cylinder donk and gullwing doors.

There’s something nice about seeing a Gen-F GTS with more than 100,000 kilometres on the clock in a sea of barely driven investor cars. The manual 2013 model you see here is a perfect example, with 112,897km on the odo and a few scrapes and marks to prove it.

A six-cog, LSA-powered daily driver sounds pretty fun right now, fuel prices be damned!

Imagine rolling down the beach in your big-dollar 70 Series LandCruiser, only to be passed by the full-length tail-light panel of a ’70s Aussie luxo-barge!

We can picture this high-riding ZG Fairlane tackling some off-road touring adventures, just like in the days of yore.

Alongside the Sunraysias and muddies, it’s already kitted out with a 100-litre fuel tank, aftermarket a/c, a dual-battery system with Redarc appliance charger, CB radio, and a brand new navigation system with GPS mapping.

Under the bonnet is a 302 Clevo, paired to an auto ‘box. The no-reserve auction is at $6000 as of writing, making the be-winged car anybody’s game.