Auction watch: XY GT tribute, triple-axle WB ute, Dodge Phoenix project

Lots of cool projects and cruise-ready metal at the latest Grays classic auction


Grays is back with yet another range of classics up for auction, including some some great project car contenders alongside a raft of turn-key muscle. You’ll find the full list on the Grays website, but here’s a few of our top picks. Bidding for most lots ends on Tuesday, 1 November, with some wrapping up over this weekend.

First up, we’ve got a neat XY GT replica with a few extra cubes under the bonnet thanks to 393 stroker kit, backed up by a C4 auto and nine-inch rear.

It’s a Vermillion Fire car with a fresh white interior, and copped a ground-up resto in 2020.

For something a bit left-of-centre, try this ’92 Subaru SVX on for size. The flat six-powered coupe needs a tidy up and some attention to the motor, but could be a certified cars and coffee gem without breaking the bank.

Fancy your own auction Phoenix, a-la Mr Dodgey? This one’s a bit rougher than our Carnage beast but could be a good buy. The engine turns over and it looks to be mostly complete, and is at just $2600 as of Friday arvo.

A throwback to a time when not every family opted for SUV drudgery, the Adventra is a great specimen from the golden age of Commodore diversity.

This one has the bits you want, namely an LS1, leather trim, and even a sunroof. Sadly, the Addy was an auto-only deal.

Look past the rust, and this three-axle WB Tonner oozes potential as a unique project. With TLC and a hot GM donk of your choice, you’d have a killer (if not hard to park) shop ute.

Here’s a slightly Frankensteined XD Fairmont, wearing and XE column, wheel and taillights, plus wearing XF mirrors and door cards.

Thankfully there’s still a running Clevo up front, making the car ripe for customisation or restoration. At $9k as of Friday, it’s nudging reserve.

This HK ute is a callback to the everyman’s street machine of the 80s, from the 186 and four-cog manual combo to the Cheviot Armorlites.

It’s something you could spend a weekend or two tidying up to drive as-is, or pull down and turn into a serious toughie.

As mentioned, bidding wraps up over the next few days, so get on it!