Auction watch: LX Torana, ‘Big Banger’ VK, HX Monaro, big-block Chevy C10 and more!

An HDT-inspired Commodore, minty HX Monaro and big-block C10 truck headline this week’s Grays classic car auction


This week’s Grays classic car auction is already off to an awesome start, with plenty of killer metal hitting the block, including a ‘Big Banger’ HDT VK replica race car, a minty-fresh HX Monaro sedan and an awesome big-block C10 truck.

Bidding is now live on all cars and closes on the evening of Tuesday 7 February, and you can view all the lots in this week’s auction here.

This 1986 VK Commodore sedan isn’t just a ‘Big Banger’ HDT replica, it’s a purpose-built racer that’d make PB proud. Under the big widebody you’ll find a circuit-spec rollcage, race seat, and all the goodies needed to go and spank this thing on a circuit.

As for driveline, things have been kept era-correct. There’s a beefed-up 308 under the bonnet harbouring upgraded heads, forged pistons and a bunch of other fruit. The manual ’box is listed as a heavy-duty unit, too, and the VK is being offered in this auction with no reserve.

Another slick iron lion on offer with no reserve is this 1977 HX GTS Monaro, a matching-numbers car with air con, power steering, and plenty of logbooks for those who froth over that sort of thing.

There’s the original 253 thongslapper still in the engine bay, paired with a good ol’ Aussie four-speed. The interior looks as well kept as the outside, and with no reserve, this car should fetch some decent coin.

There’s an offering this week for the Torana fans with this bright green, V8-swung 1975 LX SL/R 5000 tribute.

Engine specs for this one are a bit scant, but we can see a lot of work that indicates some money has been spent on this thing over the years for some extra ponies.

Grays also has this very cool ’71 Chevy C10 truck crossing the block, and let us tell you, there’s some properly good stuff hiding under the black paint.

Stonk comes from a 502-cube big-block Chev fed by a Holley 1050 carb. The rest of the driveline has been specced to cop the torque from that monster, and consists of a TH400 ’box and 1000hp-rated Truetrac LSD diff. It’ll be no pig in the twisties either, as it comes with QA1 coil-overs all ’round and disc brakes. All that, along with the right-hand drive conversion, should make this one killer street car.

Big Yank tanks don’t get much cooler than a ’67 Chevelle SS, and this one looks to be a real pearler. Imported in 2014, the big Chevy is badged as a 427 car but is actually running a 454ci big-block, so you know she’ll get up and move. Grays says there’s a bunch of recent receipts for all the maintenance work done to this to keep it in top nick, and going by the photos, you’d be hard-pressed to argue.

We reckon it’d make an awesome club-plate weekender, or you could throw some more grunt into the big-block combo and make it a Street Machine Drag Challenge weapon.

This week’s Grays classic car auction is now live, so click here to check out all the listings and get bidding!