All American muscle car auction

The Lloyds crew have assembled a cracker collection of yank tanks for this weekend's All American Muscle Car Auction


THE Lloyds auction crew are kicking 2018 off with a bang, starting with this Saturday’s All American Muscle Car Auction. You can attend the show at their Gold Coast facility or bid online here.

At the top of the tree for mine is this outstanding 1964 Buick Special – powered by a 1600hp twin turbo Nelson Racing Engines small block Chev.

For Mopar fans, we have this killer 1970 Dodge Charger 500 – powered by a 572ci, all-alloy Hemi. You can read about the motor here

While the Nomad is the most-desirable version of the three wagon body styles that Chevrolet offered in 1957, I’ve always dug the practicality of the four-door longroof. This one has a new 350 small block, power steering, air conditioning and four-wheel disc brakes. 

1971-73 Mach 1 Mustangs don’t get as much love as the earlier models. You’d never describe them as elegant, but man they look tough! And you can probably get yourself into one for a lot less than you’d pay for a similar condition XA-XC coupe.

How cool is this ’62 Chev Impala! Dubbed ‘Mouse Trap’ the car has a long drag racing pedigree and is powered by one of the coolest driveline combos ever offered by Chevrolet- the mighty 409 W-motor and four-speed manual.