2019 Street Machine Merchandise on sale now

A whole host of new Street Machine merch is now up for sale including t-shirts, caps, stickers and heaps more

Photographers: Nathan Jacobson

IT is new merchandise day in the Street Machine office and we’re pumped! All this new kit was unveiled at Street Machine Summernats 32 and now it is online. Check it out:

Headlining is the new Big-Block HQ shirts, another wicked design from lowbrow artist Ryan Ford. They’re available in both men’s and women’s t-shirts, plus a unisex low-cut tank top. You can also get this design on a stubby holder and sticker.

Our other new t-shirt is Mud-Magnet, by Lee Goode. It is a classic Ed Newton-style design, while working in a few elements of Rex Webster’s famous FJ. Mud Magnet is available in baby, kid and adult sizes.

Up next is the perfect accessory when you’re trackside at either the drag strip or burnout pad. These massive foam SEND IT hands make it known that your only goal in life is to dial everything up to 11.

We’ve also got a whole new range of headwear to keep your noggin protected, including these snap-back caps, available in grey and black.

If that’s not your style, then consider the classic bucket hat, making sure you’ve 360 degrees of the finest protection while you’re battling the elements at your favourite car outing.

We’ve got all this plus key rings, beanies, magazines, stickers, Drag Challenge merch and heaps more at our shop which can be found here: Street Machine Shop