XR meets FG in crazy Falcon retrotech build – video

With a 1000hp Cobra Jet motor to boot!

Photographers: Alastair Ritchie

REMEMBER when a retrotech build meant bolting an injected five litre into an early Commodore?

The concept of combining the performance and reliability of a late-model muscle car with the look and feel of a classic is a good one, and it’s evolved a great deal in the past couple of decades.

Case in point is this killer project from across the ditch. A collaboration between the teams at Matamata Panel Works and Isaac Performance Vehicles, the car in question belongs to a gentleman named Steve Sandford, and once complete it will be the perfect fusion between old and new. It will also have 1000-odd horsepower.

The best bits of an XR Falcon are in the process of being skilfully introduced to the underpinnings of an FG. What’s more, the powerplant is a blown Cobra Jet V8 which bolted straight into the FG chassis, and wields tyre-destroying grunt.

Funnily enough, it’s not panning out to be as big a job as you might think, with the two Falcons very close to one another in terms of architectural dimensions, despite being built more than four decades apart.

Killer paint and a luscious nappa leather interior are set to finish the build off to a tee. Watch the video to find out more!