Top six: Best scary car movies

Horror movies and fast cars make for some excellent viewing!


Here’s our top six scary car flicks of all time!

Christine (1983)

A young fella buys a crusty 1958 Plymouth Fury and is pleased when it magically restores itself. He is less pleased to find it is possessed by evil!

Duel (1971)

A travelling salesman and his six-pot Plymouth Valiant are hunted down in the desert by one seriously pissed-off truckie. The ultimate road rage flick.

The Car (1977)

A strange car terrorises the people of a small town. So bad, it’s almost good. Custom work by George Barris.

Death Car On The Freeway (1979)

A freak in a van gets his thrills running innocent citizens off the road.

Wheels Of Terror (1990)

A possessed car stalks kiddies in a village, so the bus driver gets behind the wheel of a stomping supercharged V8-powered bus to save the day.

The Wraith (1987)

Horror show plot showcases some very cool street machines. And Charlie Sheen!