Death Proof (2007) – ripper car movies

Tarantino’s horror car flick has some absolute hotties. The girls are cute, too


THIS was one of a pair of Quentin Tarantino grindhouse style movies that came out in 2007 and is typical of his passion for mixing sex, gore and dialogue. What makes it a cool car movie is that he’s borrowed from some of the classics such as Vanishing Pointwith the choice of classic US muscle in this twisted tale of Stuntman Mike (played by Kurt Russell) and his fetish for fatal car crashes.

Death Proof movie

Mike’s weapon is his “death proof” Nova – a term used in stunt circles to describe a car reinforced to withstand high-speed prangs. The first half of the movie climaxes, with Mike driving head-on into a car full of hot chicks. If you don’t like super slo-mo death scenes, then move along, nothing to see here, otherwise it’s an orgy of dismemberment and gore.

The second part of the movie is Mike, who’d survived in his death proof car, back on the prowl in a new car, but this time he’s picking on the wrong chicks and they turn the tables in a final car chase that’ll be the pay-off for car fans.

Verdict: 3/5

Awesome action and great muscle cars, but you will have to sit through a lot of dialogue, most of which falls short of Tarantino’s best. One comment we heard was, “It’s like watching four episodes of Sex and the City with two car chases.”


  • Kurt Russell
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Zoe Bell


  • ’71 Chevy Nova
  • ’69 Charger
  • ’72 Mach 1 Mustang
  • ’70 Dodge Challenger

Quentin Tarantino

Car action:
Zoe Bell writhing around on the bonnet of a speeding Challenger is pretty cool, no CGI here!

Sexy chicks go on a road trip and meet up with murderous stuntman in a “death proof” car who gets off on high-speed head-on crashes.

Cool flick fact: The license plate number on one of Stuntman Mike’s cars, JJZ-109, is seen in Bullitt.