The Ultimate Burnout Challenge

The name says it all!


The heavy-hitters descend on Avalon Speedway for the richest burnout competition in the land.

Talent follows the money – it’s been that way since before Roman times. With burnout legends – cum promoters – Steve Loader and Clint Ogilvie putting nearly $20,000 up for grabs at the Ultimate Burnout Challenge, it’s only natural that the best in the country would have a crack.

There was no sign of the torrential rains that plagued last year’s event; it was clear blue skies as far as the eye could see. At least until the action started.

Cruising the Avalon Speedway pits was like reading a list of the best tyre fryers in the land. Myers, Taverna, Elphick, Edsall, Brasher, Power, Eastman and last year’s winner Harry Haig.

At some time or other they’ve all won burnout comps, but with 76 contestants vying for the big cheque there were no guarantees of victory. To find out how it all went down and who took the $10,000 first prize, grab the May 2010 issue of Street Machine.