Shenaye Blake’s LH Torana sedan

Shenaye Blake was only a young lass when she first spotted a Torana in the wild and always dreamed of owning one

Photographers: Steve Kelly

It was the proverbial love at first sight for a young Shenaye Blake spotting her first Torana, and that natural affinity for these smaller-bodied Holdens has remained with her ever since. Happily, Shenaye’s dream of Torry ownership has recently become a reality, with a stout, kitted-out LH sedan to call her own.

First published in the December 2022 issue of Street Machine

How’d you come to own your dream car?

My hubby Joel and I were scrolling though Gumtree around August last year and saw this for sale. It was a painted roller with the interior half-done. I saw the Orchid Pink and fell in love.

Pink is my favourite colour, and I like that this is not a bright, Barbie kind of pink but a much nicer factory colour. After loving Toranas my whole life, I can’t believe that I finally own one!

What’s the driveline?

We bought a VN-headed 355ci Holden engine, complete with a built Trimatic out of an LH hatchback. The guy we bought the engine and trans from was looking for another Torana to put his engine in and hoped to buy mine, but that wasn’t going to happen!

So, he eventually sold us the driveline. To finish it off, Joel has bolted in a nine-inch with 3.89s and a Truetrac.

Stout set-up!

It’s good for 600hp at the engine – she goes good and smokes it up, too.

I want to take it down the drag strip sometime soon – it’s on my bucket list. I’ve never done it before, so I’d love to say that I’ve raced it.

The fat-and-skinnies are certainly drag-spec.

I like the Weld rims, and they go well with the black in the colour scheme.

When people see the rear 275 tyres, they can’t believe they fit under there – it’s not tubbed.

Loving the number plates!

They really show that the Torry is mine. Joel surprised me with them a couple of years ago; I just walked into the house one day and found them sitting on a table.

It was exciting to think that they’d be on my own car one day – and here it is!

Any other cars in the fleet?

The LH is the first toughie that’s mine, but Joel and I have about 15 cars together. Joel was brought up around cars, but I’ve only been around them since meeting him; I’ve always loved cars, and now being with Joel, it’s even better.

I was the chick that loved cars while my friends preferred shopping.

Is the Torry living up to your dream?

It feels great to drive and the car gets a lot of attention; I get a lot of looks while cruising along.

I never plan on selling my Torana; I’m so happy with it – actually, I should say I’m in love with it! I really do have to thank Joel, as without him I wouldn’t have my dream car.

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