Sasha Zivolic’s Holden VS Commodore

We caught up with 15-year-old Sasha Zivolic pad-side at Avalon in late February, where he was competing in his first-ever burnout comp in his VS Commodore


WHERE can you skid your car at 15 years of age in front of a crowd? The Avalon $5K Burnouts, that’s where. Held regularly at Avalon Raceway near Geelong, the $5K Burnout events offer a Young Gun class for 15-18 year olds.

This article was first published in the May 2020 issue of Street Machine

Tell us about your VS.

It’s a stock V6. My older brother manualised the gearbox for me, and Dad’s best mate Drew welded up the diff. We put in a new radiator from our friends at Pakenham Radiators and some new gauges, but besides that she’s pretty stock.

How did you find the car?

I put up a post on Facebook saying that I was looking for a cheap car. A mate said he had a VS for $250, and the deal was done.

What drew you to burnouts?

I grew up around cars – I’ve always loved them. I’ve been going to burnout comps with my dad for years, and I’d been asking since I was 13 if I could go in a comp. One day he finally said okay. That’s when I bought the VS. When I first got the car we took it to a mate’s property. I spent three days drifting around a paddock learning how to control the car, before blowing the trans!

What was it like skidding at your first comp?

The first round I was really nervous, especially with all the people watching. I was first out on the pad for the day. The second round was much easier, as I wasn’t so nervous. The car went really well and made good smoke. In the finals we lost power. Not sure why, but we are now planning to replace the engine.

At 15, how did you manage to fund a burnout car?

My dad has Mild 2 Wild Auto Dezign in Pakenham, and after school and on weekends I help around the shop. That’s how I bought the VS. My brother Aaron also works at the shop and has been a huge help with my car.

Sounds like a family affair?

I have two brothers and three sisters. We’re all into cars, except my little sister ’cause she’s too young. My dad has a VY Senator and Mum has a VP Calais. Mum used to have VLs and Geminis, too.

Will you stay with the six?

Yeah; we need to bring up the power and then work on the diff gears. But ultimately I want an LS set-up – a built LS with a blower. I just love the look and sound.

Is there a burnout comp you’re keen to check out?

Summernats; I’ve never been. Hopefully I’ll go next year with my brother.