Our Facebook readers show us their cool wedding cars


Cool wedding cars are a great way to make an impressive entrance when tying the knot, as well as adding that personal petrolhead touch to your big day. We asked our Facebook readers to dig through their wedding albums and show us how they chose to arrive in style at their own nuptials. Here’s just some of the photos and stories we received, and there’s even some regular SM faces and feature cars you might recognise…

Crystal boulger Holden HQ KingswoodsCrystal Boulger Dad’s HQ Kingswood sedan, Renee’s HQ Premier and my HQ Kingswood wagon.

Aaron Bronger HQsAaron Bronger Well known around the country now! But really happy to have Mark’s car in our wedding (left). We were also lucky to have another HQ, Shane’s 383 sedan (right). Both sounded awesome as they finished, we could hear them three blocks away.

Luke Wirth Holden HK GTS Monaro and Chrysler RT ChargerLuke Wirth HK GTS Monaro, RT Charger and my brother’s ZB Fairlane, because the bloke with his John Goss Special couldn’t make it – would have been perfect.

Paulie PetikovskiPaulie Petlikovski GSHOON and LOLDEN

Jodie WilsonJodie Wilson Our ceremony was at 3pm and Tyler went for the first test drive after a five year, ground-up rebuild at 11am.

Paul Falcone FE HoldenPaul Falcone‘s FE Holden.

Aaron Yogi WaplesAaron Yogi Waples Had a Monaro…we got married in ’98 and the funny thing is, this is exactly the same car my parents used as their wedding car in ’71. It was a one-owner vehicle when we used it and it was in beautiful condition. It was only sold by the family when the owner was unable to drive anymore. Would’ve loved to have had it in my garage, I was one of a few that ever got to drive it. Classic.

Amber Raudon hot rodAmber Raudon Married 17 years now and still have the car – this is a recent picture. Have drag raced with a bride down Meremere in it, years ago and an Aussie couple who raced bikes competitively, but only petrolheads ask for this car as a wedding car now as it has a half roll cage and no backseat.

Jason Behringer Rock IVJason Behringer 20 years ago, had Rock IV for the boys to the church.

Tam Forwood wedding carsTam Forwood Hubby and I having some fun after our wedding ceremony. Both were VE Commodores. Hubby was doing circle work around me while I was sitting on the spot.

Glenn Whittingham wedding carsGlenn Whittingham My ’36 Chev and Chris Abela’s ’32 Tudor joined Ray with the killa ’37 Roadster for his son’s wedding.

Pete Rolfe Ford XB FalconPete Rolfe One of the tidiest XBs I have ever seen and a top bloke who owns it!

Chad Sansom's Monaro wedding carsChad Sansom My mate’s HK GTS and my HK Premier and a BBC Impala. Best day!

Bec Hewitt MiniBec Hewett My little ‘Daisy’ on our wedding day, nearly 20 years ago! I miss my car!

Jeff McDonald Ford XW GT, Ford XB, XC CobraJeff McDonald Two XW GTs for the girls. Big-block XB and XC Cobra for the boys!

Andrew Watters wedding carAndrew Watters A wedding we did a while back. Blown tubbed big-block Caddy.

Braeden Hetherington's wedding carsBraeden Hetherington My wedding!

Steve Hicks VZ ClubsportSteve Hicks VZ Clubsport T51R & E85. The ladies loved it.

Daniel Wonson's '67 ImpalaDaniel Wonson My ’67 Impala

Damian Lewis Ford Single SpinnerDamian Lewis My wed sled…1950 Ford Single Spinner

Rowan Gordon's wedding carsRowan Gordon Mortal enemies.

Daniel J Kuiper's wedding carsDaniel J Kuiper We had a ’32 Ford, a ’69 Camaro, a ’72 Dodge Charger, a ’70 Dodge Charger and a ’61 Caddy. The girls had a ’67 Shelby convertible and a ’66 Mustang coupe.

Michael Mats Ford XEMichael Mats My XE and two ESPs.

Andrew Smith's Leyland wedding carAndrew Smith Only the best for our wedding.

Dion Argaet XR GT wedding carDion Argaet Used my XR GT replica for mine.

Carolyn N Brett Sommerfelds Monaro and HQ wedding carsCarolyn N Brett Sommerfeld Two HJ Monaros and a HQ SS.

Luke Coble's Impala wedding carLuke Coble My 1963 airbagged Impala.

Boris ViskovicBoris Viskovic

Marty Shea's wedding carsMarty Shea

Evan Lloyd's wedding carsEvan Lloyd

Jon Ragnar SchneiderJohn Ragnar Schneider

John Cassar's wedding carsJohn Cassar

Benjamin PurtellBenjamin Purtell

Daniel Falco's Falcon wedding carDaniel Falco

Jason Warner Holden VK CommodoresJason Warner

Clint FeltusClint Feltus

Darren McClure's wedding carsDarren McClure

Paul PetersenPaul Petersen

Anthony RampinAnthony Rampin

Daniel EberleDaniel Eberle

Sam Meduro's wedding carSam Meduro

Warren Azzopardi's wedding carWarren Azzopardi

Adam Beaumont's wedding carsAdam Beaumont

Jacob KuylJacob Kuyl

Adam ReevesAdam Reeves

Cas Di PasqualeCas Di Pasquale

Brad Hanrahan's wedding carsBrad Hanrahan

Mandy Paton's wedding carsMandy Paton