Readers’ project cars in the build

We check out some more of our readers' works in progress


Holden HG Monaro
Luke Groen

“I AM currently doing a full restoration on an HG Monaro that’s going to be a pro streeter. All the metalwork has been done by Mofo Customz.

It will retain the factory Lina-Mint paint colour and a stock interior. Power will come from an 800hp small-block Chev from Tremaniac Racing Engines, with custom headers and fuel tank.

A Race Products chrome-moly diff and Motor Fab rear end will sit out back. The car has had a full quarters-off restoration, with every last bit of rust cut out and repaired.”

VW Squareback
Ron Keats

“HERE is my 1971 VW Squareback 1600 auto. It will be getting a full interior and mechanical restoration, but I’ll be leaving the body patina as-is, except for rust repairs.

The dash and steering column will be upgraded with parts from a later-model donor car.”

XF Falcon
Methanol Mike

“I’VE been working on this XF 25th Anniversary Falcon, one of 2000 built. It’s now fitted with a BF E-Gas Barra along with an FG-size turbo and custom hot-side set-up. It’s backed by an AU Falcon BTR four-speed auto with an electronic trans controller for full manual shift.

Out back are McDonald Brothers mandrel-bent rails, and the big tubs and sheet-metal work were done by me. The donor car made 500hp at the wheels on 13psi. It’s a full back-half car with coil-overs and an Enemies Everywhere anti-roll bar.

Rear tyres are 15×15.5s on 15×10 CTM Globe flat-lip wheels. There’s also a massive ice-water intercooler fed from a tank in the boot. It’s not a sleeper, but it will retain a stock outward appearance, except for a parachute and rear wing!”

Toyota KE55 Corolla
Allison Turnbull

“MY FATHER Clinton is currently building this SR20-powered Corolla for my mother, Allison. It runs forged pistons, Spool Drag Pro rods, a stud kit, a 3076 turbo, a rebuilt RB20 Skyline gearbox, HiLux diff, Rod Shop chassis kit, Street Pro wheels and custom interior.

It’s running and driving, and almost ready for engineering and rego.” Words: Alex Turbull

EH Holden
Corey Gathercole

“THIS is my EH, The driveline is a small-block Chev, four-speed and nine-inch combo. It’s my second paintjob, which was done on a hoist. I painted it blue first, but couldn’t find a trim colour I liked, so I changed to Roebuck Pearl so I could get plum-colour interior.

I’ve only been able to work on it after hours, but hopefully I can finish it off for summer. It’ll be my daily driver. I hope you like it – I do.”

1965 Ford Mustang
Ross Gangemi

“I BOUGHT my Mustang in 2015. It’d had an okay restoration – mainly paint and a conversion to RHD. I wanted to make the car a little safer, so I decided to update the suspension first, including new Wilwood brakes with four-piston calipers, tubular upper and lower control arms, a four-link rear end, and coil-overs for the front.

The car drove great after that, but it was lacking in the power department, so we installed a T56 from Mal Wood Automotive – then we realised how bad the engine was. I reached out to Dandy Engines, and they built me an awesome 347 stroker that pushes a modest 400hp, but for the light Mustang it works really well. After a few months, I decided to add fuel injection, so the Dandy Engines team installed a FiTech EFI unit.

We then decided to mini-tub the car, which evolved into a new nine-inch diff from McDonald Brothers with 4.11 gears. We installed a/c from Vintage Air, a new steering box, new wiring from American Autowire and relocated the battery to the boot. We also installed electric windows, patched up the dash a/c control panel and got a custom three-inch exhaust from Classic & Custom Exhaust Factory. As we started putting the interior back in the car, we realised the seats and panels wouldn’t fit, so we are now getting the interior customised, including a custom console, shortened rear seat, new carpet, new headliner and modified interior panels.

The car should be ready in time for summer. I’ve got it booked in for a new paintjob, and it will also get a Ringbrothers bonnet, new glass and possibly an updated fuel injection system from FuelTech. All the work has been completed by Ralph from TruTrack Suspension; he considers himself part-owner of the car, maybe because it’s spent most of its time there!”

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