IT'S been a long build, but Jai Ozog couldn't be happier his HG Monaro

Photographers: Rick Welch

IT’S been a long time in the build, but Jai Ozog couldn’t be happier with his stunning 427-cube small-block Chev-powered 1970 HG Holden Monaro.

“I PURCHASED my HG as a rolling shell from a bloke in Brisbane 14 years ago. Before I even bought the car I knew exactly what I wanted and how it would look. Almost as soon as I had it in my shed, I started to strip it down.

HG Holden Monaro 427 1 NwIt was a 10-year bare-metal rotisserie build; it was one of those things of time and money – most of the time I had one and not the other! I enlisted the help of Dick Sharpley to attack the body and bring the car’s clean lines back to life.

HG Holden Monaro 427 5 NwThe engine was the next thing on the list, and Tony Lake from Lake Race Engines did an awesome job piecing together a stout 427 stroker small-block Chev for it.

HG Holden Monaro 427 4 NwPaint time came, and after being stuffed around by some so-called painters I was put onto Trevor Long, who fixed the previous mess and painted the car Sebring Orange with a gold pearl, giving it a beautiful, glass-smooth finish with no orange peel!

HG Holden Monaro 427 2 NwI can’t thank Dick, Tony and Trevor enough. I would also like to thank my wife Angela for the encouragement and understanding, and our three children, who are just as mad about cars as I am.”