More wedding car pics from our Facebook readers


In part one of our Readers’ wedding cars feature, we showed you just some of the amazing photos we received from our Facebook page. Here’s a bunch more cool pics from our readers, and what they had to say about their memorable rides from their big day…

Braith LockwoodBraith Lockwood Eleanors!

Jared Head Holden VK CommodoreJared Head We had one of my best mates, Andrew McCleary’s VK Group A Brocky Blue Meanie replica for our wedding.

Daniel Aitchison's Torana wedding carDaniel Aitchison ’77 LX coupe.

Peter Vahaviolos's wedding carsPeter Vahaviolos All-Ford line-up. Two XYs, a ’67 GT500 and my own ’16 Mustang GT.

Phil Edwards - Holden HT GTSPhil Edwards 1969 Holden HT GTS.

Andrew Janson rat rodAndrew Janson Dad built this rat a few years ago and lent us Chucky for our day. Great fun cruzin’ with flat-head power.

Anthony Meulenberg wedding carsAnthony Meulenberg The groom and groomsmen all had a Torana each, while the bride and bridesmaids crammed in the ’66 Fairlane.

Brett AtkinsonBrett Atkinson Should never have sold it.

Tony Assaf's wedding carsTony Assaf ’65 Shelby GT350R, a ’69 Mach 1 and a ’67 GT390.

Suzanne Marie Roberts Ford CapriSuzanne Marie Roberts Wedding car, which is mine, a 1970 Mk1 Ford Capri.

Victor's wedding carVictor VS 1961 Impala. In this pic I was thinking of driving off. Haha!

Kerry Kooza Matthews HR PRemier, XY 351 and VG CoupeKerry Kooza Matthews HR Prem, an XY 351 and a VG coupe.

Chris Beattie's CaddyChris Beattie ’57 Caddy factory limousine. Absolutely amazing car!

Bob Tipping's wedding carsBob Tipping Mine and my brother’s car doing a two mates’ weddings.

Daniel Chalker's wedding carDaniel Chalker ’67 Ford Country Squire and ’67 Mustang convertible.

Danny SchonrockDanny Schonrock My 1958 VE Valiant.

Linda Mills PooleLinda Mills Poole Loved this car.

Daryl Hearn's wedding carsDaryl Hearn My car club helping out.

Andrew Watson's wedding carsAndrew Watson My WB Stato and my brother-in-law’s HZ GTS clone.

Chris Pearson ChargerChris Pearson VJ Charger, and the wife’s ride was her grandmother’s ’66 HR.

Jared Mills wedding carJared Mills My brother’s wedding car.

Adam Helgeson's Falcon wedding carAdam Helgeson Wedding I did for a very good friend of mine.

Adam Redel's wedding carsAdam Redel We had my brother’s ’57 Chev and a mate’s ’63 Cadillac.

Ricky ReevesRicky Reeve This was for the boys…

Ricky Reeves 2Ricky Reeve …this was for the girls.

Graham Espiner's wedding carGraham Espiner Picked it up from the paint shop the day before the best day of my life.

Sonia PigginSonia Piggins ’34 Coupe.

Kelsay Garaway's Falcon wedding carsKelsey Garaway Had these three beauties!

Con Michael PapailiouCon Michael Papailiou Three ’57 Chevys.

Mon Gambrell's Holden wedding carMon Gambrell Our car in 1985.

Paul Howell Chevrolet wedding carPaul Howell ’37 Chevrolet…

Paul Howell Cadillac wedding carPaul Howell …and ’56 Caddy.

Chris Nardini's wedding carsChris Nardini Blown XB coupe and BF Typhoon.

Tony Purcell's wedding carTony Purcell My car at my wedding. The plate still cracks me up, it was a little inappropriate for the occasion but still cool, LOL.

Shawn Jackson's HX Statesman wedding carShawn Jackson 1977 HX Statesman.

Aaron Bobridge's Buick wedding carAaron Bobridge My old man’s ’57 Buick running a 454 big-block.

Scott Wright's Impala wedding carScott Wright We used my ’65 Impala SS convertible.

Loc Nawrik's Firebird wedding carLoc Nawrik ’69 Firebird. A bit squishy.

Louise Gladman's 1927 Buick wedding carLouise Gladman 1927 Buick.

John Campbell Cadillac Coupe De VilleJohn A.L. Campbell My then missus went in a brand new VS Caprice that our car dealer boss registered a day before, and a long-time family friend drove Dad and I in my ’61 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

Paul Smith's Holden Kingswood wedding carPaul Smith My old girl.

Shannon LewisShannon Lewis Datos for me.

Tony Camilleri's wedding carsTony Camileri My mate’s XR Falcons and Fairmonts and my Falcon DUBXR (top).

Alister Sharrock wedding carAlister Sharrock Out to Bridgewater Beach near Portland, Vic, with Melanie Sharrock. Exceptional wheel work by Les Palfreyman. Married on the beach.

John Haig wedding carsJohn Haig We had a ’63 Dodge Polara convertible, a ’63 Chev Belair, a ’62 EJ wagon packing a hot 383 and even managed to sneak my ’68 HK ute in.

Sean Murphy's Chrysler Charger wedding carSean Murphy

Steevie Joy's wedding carsSteevie Joy

Justin Medwin's Falcon wedding carJustin Medwin

Holly Nelson's wedding carsHolly Nelson

Nasr XT's wedding carNasr XT

Rossy Benjamin's Holden wedding carRossy Benjamin

Lizzie Gardner's wedding carsLizzie Gardner

James Turner's wedding carsJames Turner

Kelly OzelisKelly Ozelis

Helen Brady's Torana wedding carHelen Brady

Christopher O'Sullivan's wedding carsChristopher O’Sullivan

C Jemma N Rusty's wedding carsJemma N Rusty

Jay Bunney's Torana wedding carJay Bunney

Scott Vickery's wedding carScott Vickery

Matthew Xey XuerebMatthew Xey Xuereb

Jeremy Rondah MartinJeremy Rondah Martin

Luke FranciaLuke Francia

Rhiannon Simpson's wedding carsRhiannon Simpson

Ross Dunstan's wedding carsRoss Dunstan

Peter Welsh's Holden wedding carsPeter Welsh

Wes Bracken's Holden wedding carsWes Bracken

Justin Miller's Falcon limo wedding carJustin Miller

Mitchell Hynd's wedding carsMitchell Hynd

Dale Penjin's Falcon wedding carsDale Penjin

Dean Morton's Falcon wedding carDean Morton

Shane Robinson's Holden Monaro wedding carsShane Robinson

Ben Pobke's wedding carsBen Pobke

Adam Ciplys's wedding carAdam Ciplys

Bevan O'Connor's wedding carsBevan O’Connor

Steve Danger's Torana wedding carSteven Danger

Jason Young's Falcon wedding carJason Young