Randy Neos’s Holden VK Calais

Randy Neos has owned his Holden VK Calais for 29 years


“I’VE had my Calais since 1991 when I was only 19. It runs a Holden 383 with a six-stage dry sump, COME alloy heads and VN Group A manifold, backed by a Turbo 400 with a 3000rpm stall converter, and a 3.55:1-geared nine-inch.

This article was first published in the August 2020 issue of Street Machine

I used it as my daily driver for many years, but two years ago I decided to take the old girl off the road and do a total restoration, as she was beginning to get a little tired. I stripped it back to bare metal in my shed and metal-finished each panel, including under the car. I’m a sheet-metal worker, so that made the job a little easier, but Lonsdale Paint, Panel & Restoration provided support during the preparation and did the paintjob in their booth. The paint is VF Regal Peacock with a bit of gold fleck, and it turned out much better than I expected – it looks great with the gold Simmons rims.

My good friend Dhru completely rewired the car back to factory standard, as over the years it had become a little messy. Then it was all pieced back together in my shed every night after work and every weekend. I replaced every nut, bolt and plastic clip and added sound deadening, as this thing sounds like something that belongs on a track when it starts.

I decided to keep the original interior since it was in very good condition for its age; it helps give the car more of a sleeper look. After many long nights and a massive amount of help from friends and family, I managed to complete this rebuild in just over two years.” Photos: Troy Barker