Our Facebook readers show us pictures of their cool and awesome Mopars


WE invited the Street Machine readers on our Facebook page to show us their Mopars and here’s just some of the awesome rides we received. In fact, we had such an overwhelming response and variety of cars submitted, stay tuned for more pics to come…

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Here’s some of our readers’ rides and what they had to say:

1-21-moparRob Huston: My uncle Ross’s 1964 Plymouth Barracuda

1-14-moparBrett Pozza: My old boy’s factory black AP6 regal with a Tillys built 225!

1-13-moparBrett Pozza: My brother’s 340 rally pack!

1-27-moparMyles Williamson: My AP5 a few moons ago

1-5-moparColin Pee: My ’72 Plymouth Satellite Sebring under restoration and hopefully will be finished soon

1-4-moparSteve Prentice: Better late than never!

4-moparJacob Carmody: ’66 Dodge Phoenix, my old man’s car and it’s as crazy as he is!

1-25-moparAaron Marmara: This is my smooth-as father around 1965

14Kim Belcastro: My CL Valiant wagon. New Billet Specialties rims added recently and have not had a chance to get the car out of the garage…who stole the sunshine over here in Perth?

1-2-moparKim Belcastro: Unfortunately not mine but spotted in Dwellingup, WA a few weeks back. 528 Hemi-powered ’70 Plymouth Roadrunner, there was a permit letter on the dashboard listing all the modifications. Let’s just say that old coyote would not be catching this bird!

1-1-moparKim Belcastro: Again not mine but another tough Plymouth spotted in Dwellingup, WA a few weeks back. Car is often at Whoop Ass Wednesdays at the Perth Motorplex. ’71 Cuda, possibly my favourite Mopar in Perth

Here’s some more pics from our readers:

1-10-moparDoug Bailey

1-15-moparCraig Tropeano

1-12-moparShaun Cefai’s 1966 Valiant VC V8 Factory 273

1-24-moparJoel Nowland

1-23-moparBrett Leigh

1-11-moparAaron Marmara

1-20-moparCraig Newman

1-17-moparCraig Newman

1-22-moparRob Huston

1-16-moparPaul Camilleri

1-28-moparMaree Wilson

1-29-moparVince Livaditis

1-30-moparTerry Merrett

1-9-moparJeff Loh (all four above!)

1-3-moparTim Cavanough

5-aDaniel Andrew

6Paul Cronin

7Glen Dovaston

8Leo Vayanos

11Natalie Mulholland

9Scott Tonkin

10Matt Solomon