Lea McCarroll’s 1969 Chrysler VE Valiant VIP

Lea McCarroll says his VE Valiant VIP is a great all-rounder for street and play

Photographers: Rick Welch

This article on Lea’s Valiant was first published in the January 2019 issue of Street Machine

“THIS is our 1969 VE VIP. She started life in Chrysler White and was transformed into her current state thanks to my good mate Robert Flint, who spent countless hours and late nights working on the car, along with Shaun McCarthy and the crew at Resident Restorations in Toowoomba, who did the paint and panel.

I’m running a 318 Chrysler with 360 J heads and a 904 Torqueflite trans built by Milton Styler. Down the back is an 8¾-inch diff with a Truetrac 3.23:1 centre. She rolls on Weld Draglites and gets pulled up by Wilwood brakes.

She is a great all-rounder for street and play, running a best of 12.99 over the quarter-mile. She gets us to our club runs, Mopar Sunday and shows around Queensland.”

Photographers: Rick Welch