Kon Delesantis’s dream garage – My Shed

A lot of his mates refer to it as ‘Kon’s Museum’, but for Kon DeLesantis, his garage is just a cool place to hang out. It’s a place that represents him, a place to showcase the things he loves

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

WOW – what an impressive collection!

It took me over 30 years, I’m very proud of it. The plan was always to have this. When we renovated the house, the missus told me I could do whatever I wanted, as long as none of it was left inside. So I added this space to the reno plans. Before, there was stuff stored in bedrooms, wardrobes, in the roof – every last nook and cranny.

This article was first published in the February 2020 issue of Street Machine

How long did it take to set up?

Months. I kept unpacking boxes, only to rediscover stuff I’d forgotten about – it was a lot of fun. Even now, there’s not a day I don’t come out and admire it or move things around to give it a new perspective.

Are you a car guy or a bike guy?

Both! I love my ’79 Shovelhead, but the XP is very special. I’ve been active in the Early Falcon Car Club for 17 years, 12 as secretary. I bought the coupe as a freshly painted rolling shell. We’ve done the rest: new interior, new engine, new mechanicals. I’m a purist – it’s completely standard, even its 200ci Pursuit six. It’s been in Unique Cars, Wheels and Australian Classic Cars. It was also one of the select few cars Ford chose to drive through the Broadmeadows factory as part of the shutdown.

What was your focus?

Anything cool. My collection includes Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, the Michelin Man, Route 66, Lucky 13, George Barris, Chris Cooper – tons of Americana. I love interesting stuff, like my bottle of Hornet Port. It was given to all the people who worked at Melbourne Air Force base when the last Hornet was delivered back in 1990. It’s 29 years old!

How did you find all this stuff?

I’ve put a lot of effort in over the years. I got lucky with loads of stuff, while I made it my mission to track down other pieces, like the Danbury Mint 1935 Ford cabriolet. They only made about 350 worldwide – it took months to find. Same for my Danbury Hirohata Mercury and Don Prudhomme’s dragster – the one he raced at Lions Drag Strip in the 60s and 70s.

Favourite pieces?

I have a lot of Ford and Harley stuff. I also love the whole pin-up era. Heck, I even have rare, new-old-stock hubcaps; I love it all! But the diecast cars are a bit more special. A lot of them, like the Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint, are quite rare. They’re no longer produced and are unbelievably high quality. My Ed Roth and Predator collections are also pretty important.