Hellcat-swapped MX-5 up for auction – Video

Fancy a 700hp, Hellcat-powered Mazda MX-5 in your life?


THE Mazda MX-5 (or Miata just about everywhere else in the world) has been a favourite with car lovers since if first landed in our laps in the late 80s. The small, nimble chassis makes it a great driver’s car, but there’s always been one major problem with it – the grunt.

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In order to keep it cheap and cheerful, Mazda has always fitted engines to the MX-5 that are more at home in your grandma’s shopping trolley than a purpose-built sports car. This has led to many people taking it upon themselves to fix the issue, from the basic route of strapping a turbo to the side of the factory four-banger, to cutting the car up to squeeze in an LS, much like our own MX5.7 project car.

After decades of people adding more power to these little machines, we thought we’d seen it all – until some madman decided to put a goddamn Hellcat V8 into the front of one!

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Karr from Karr Media is behind this creation, stuffing a 707hp, 650lb-ft, 6.2-litre supercharged Dodge V8 into the nose of his NB Miata. That, combined with a six-speed TR6060 manual ’box and a Ford 8.8-inch rear end, means this little Mazda can do sixth-gear burnouts with its eyes closed, leaving tyres anywhere within a 20km radius shaking in their treads. The car has made headlines all over the internet, most notably on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel (see video above), and even won some words of praise from the celebrities of Gas Monkey Garage.

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The best bit is that it’s for sale! The car will be up on the block at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas in early October, with no reserve. How exactly you figure out how much this mad little machine is worth is a bit tough, but the crate engine alone is worth US$19,530. Regardless, whoever buys it will be smiling way too much to care about the price tag as they smoke their way out of the auction car park.