More first car photos and memories from our readers - plus a few regrets for ever parting with them


We received so many awesome photos from our facebook readers when we asked them what their first car was that we’ve put together a third gallery. Have a look through these photos, plus check out the pics from part one and part two to see if your car is featured.

Thanks to all our readers who submitted their photos and comments on our facebook page, here’s some more of we’ve received so far:

Steve -MellishMy XP Hardtop which I bought in 1982 and still have it – Steve Mellish

Wozza -PhillipsMy 1969 Valiant Coupe and I’ve still got it – Wozza Phillips

John -Towno -TownsendMy 1986 Daihatsu Charade – John Towno Townsend

Carly -DaleI never got to drive it as it was sold before I got my licence – Carly Dale

Matt -SmoorsStill got it 14 years later! – Matt Smoors

Harry -SeamanMy HQ van – Harry Seaman

Brad -PizziMy EH ute that my grandfather bought new in 1964 and I got when I was 15 years old, and then restored it – Brad Pizzi

Gary -SciclunaGary J Scicluna has owned this Escort panel van for 29 years. If it looks familiar, Gary’s home-built little gem has featured in Street Machine mag previously. Read more about Gary’s showcar here.

Mark -RiekMy HR Premier. I’m looking for it so I can buy it back – Mark Riek

Joe -CampagnaWish I still had the HQ, miss it! – Joe Campagna

Linda -VespermanMy HQ four-door, 5-litre 4-speed. My version of a wide body HQ in 1980. 15×10 and 14×8 American racings, Lovells lowest suspension and all body work by myself. Sadly it was defected into oblivion about 2 months after this pic was taken – which is the only picture of the car ever taken. I was going to paint it Cyan Blue with white GTS stripes. There’s also my Dad’s 2-door HQ in the foreground and my Auntie’s 351 ZF Fairlane in the background – Linda Vesperman

Warren -AzzopardiMy first love – ‘Blue Murder’, a 1971 VH Valiant Ranger 265 Hemi – Warren Azzopardi

Travis -MaddicksThis year will be 18 of ownership of my EJ – Travis Maddicks

Andrew -BroadleyI’ve had this for 20 years and counting! – Andrew Broadley

Rodney -PhillipsMy ’63 EJ Holden, my first car and I still have it – Rodney Phillips

Garry -WarnesMy EJ Holden big-block 138, three on the tree! – Garry Warnes

Shane -visserMy first car was this HJ Kingswood…loved it – Shane Visser

Ash -tottleI’ve had her for about 17 years now, but I haven’t got many pics from back in the day. (Inset photos are how it looks today) – Ash Tottle

Mark -DavisI’ve still got my VG 770, but she’s been out in the graveyard for a few years now – Mark Davis

Jaxon -MoodyMy 318ci Regal. Boy did she go! – Jaxon Moody

Jason -MitchellMy surly missed VH, 202 blue, auto, 2.5 sports, 15-inch Speedy rims. I’m kicking myself today, still, for getting rid of it – Jason Mitchell

Jason -MickeMy old HT, got it as a shell for my 16th birthday. It took my Dad and me two years to finish it – Jason Micke

Kellie -HoustonMy first beastie, although it was yellow with a bench seat when I bought it (as shown in the top inset pic, taken in 1988). It then looked like this (bottom inset photo) for a couple of years, before the bodykit was added in 1990 (main photo). I’ve missed it, so I’m building another. I still haven’t decided if I should build the second one with or without the body kit. I still know the paint code, so the colour will be the same…ahh decisions! – Kellie Houston

Stephen -EyersStill heartbroken after our breakup – Stephen Eyers

Garrath -GrechMy factory SS Commodore with a few Group 3 bits on it. I got it for my 17th birthday in 2001 – Garrath Grech

Remi -BattagliaThe old man wouldn’t let me get an XY GT. “You’re not getting a V8,” he would tell me. But apparently a 12.9-second 1/4 mile Bridge Port rotary fully restored and built myself, was ok. The V8 boys in Perth hated me! – Remi Battaglia

Travis -HarveyMy first car, still got it too! – Travis Harvey

Dean -PageMy HK GTS 307 – Dean Page

Gary -UhlmannMy first car, a 1957 FE Holden, in 1967 – Gary Uhlmann

Nathan -Pellegrino -logoMy first car! – Nathan Pellegrino

Jay -KayMy first car, left to me by my grandfather with an original 40k on he clock. I then proceded to mess with it like any P-plater would. The car got sold off for $500. I would love to buy it back or even know what happened to it – Jay Kay

Stephen -WarnerMy first car that I bought in 1978 which cost $4500. This picture is at a car show in Rockhampton. Wish I still had it – Stephen Warner