Christine Yuntar’s 2016 ProCharged V8 Ford Mustang

Christine Yuntar's 650rwhp show pony - GRYHLK

Photographers: Greg Forster

CHRISTINE Yuntar’s passion for her beloved 2016 Mustang is so strong that she’s created a late-model pony parts business, Build A Pony, in order to share the love with others. And her menacing, ground-scraping, body-enhanced, ProCharged V8 Mustang, GRYHLK, is the brawny poster child.

This article was first published in the July 2019 issue of Street Machine

Why a Mustang?

I wanted to buy my own car and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I wanted, until I watched Need For Speed. At the very end of the movie the lead actress drives up in a red 2015 Mustang and I thought: “That’s it, that’s the car!” I’ve been a tomboy and into cars my whole life – my family had XYs and XWs and my partner Koray also had a couple of old-school muscle cars. My dad would say to me: “It’s not normal Christine for you to like these cars; it’s a guy thing.”

Was the ’Stang stock when you bought it?

It was a new 2016 Magnetic Grey 5.0-litre Mustang with tinted windows. Initially I was going to keep her as a daily and not do any mods – ha ha! Then it became a little project that turned into a big dream project, and now she’s a show car called GRYHLK.

Ford Mustang side

Tell us about the mods.

We’ve added a Stage Two ProCharger D-1X, so now it has 650rwhp, which is some nice power. And people certainly hear it – it sounds amazing with the crazy blow-off valve, and the big black intercooler looks great. Inside is a custom full leather and Alcantara interior, a carbonfibre dash and custom steering wheel. Externally I’ve added an aftermarket bodykit and a Cervini S550 Stalker bonnet. You might notice the GT350R Brembo brakes, which are optional, and I’ve had them custom-painted in Lamborghini Orange. The rims are 20-inch Koya SF04s, which fit nicely as the Mustang’s wheelarches and tubs are quite generous. And it sits nice and low thanks to the Air Lift Performance airbag system; that was also an easy installation. Though with the amount of money that I’ve spent on it, I could’ve bought a Shelby!

So why is she called GRYHLK?

I wanted to give the car her own identity with a tough, aggressive feel. And I’ve also created an Instagram page @GRYHLK16, so people now refer to me as GRYHLK – they don’t know my name! And that was the whole idea, to remember the Mustang, not me. I guess that might change now.

What is PONY6G?

We’re a passionate bunch of enthusiasts who mostly own newer Mustangs. It’s Australia-wide but our group of friends are Melbourne-based. We cruise a few times a month, and bat off each other with mods that we might want to do next. I enjoy cruising GRYHLK along the long windy roads, though she is a bit thirstier since the supercharger.

How did GRYHLK go at MotorEx?

We just worked around the clock to get her finished for the PONY6G display at MotorEx 2019. She’s got a custom Rockford sound system in the boot now, with two subs, amps and a full upgrade of the interior speakers. It is off its face when you want to listen to some music!