Yet another Mopar-loving family from West Oz


THE last in our trio of Mopar-loving families that we found at Everything Chrysler Day 2017 is the James clan; Doug, Al and Aaron.

 While Doug didn’t have a car of his own at the show, there was a connection with one of the cars on display – the Ian Diffen Sports Sedan Charger. While there’s not much of it left these days, this car was originally purchased by Doug as a Hemi Orange E38 car and then sold to Ian Diffen with only 3900km on the clock. The car competed in Production Car classes for a while before being turned into a mid-mounted, fuel injected 340 monster with open wheeler front suspension.

 Al James is well known in the West Aussie drag racing scene through his Ramcharger Plymouth, and while that wasn’t on show at the ECD he bring his ’71 ’Cuda. It might be advertising 440 cubes down the side, but there’s actually a 528ci Wedge hiding under there. She’s all Mopar too, with a 727 Torqueflite running a 4000rpm stall and a Dana 60 rear fitted with Caltracs. No surprisingly, being a regular drag racer, the ’Cuda is no slouch, running 10.1@135mph – and looking damn fine while doing it.

 Aaron James brought along his very stout VG sedan, a car that was formerly owned by the late Jeff Clarke and featured in SM, May ’10. Jeffro would be very proud of what Aaron has done with the car, constantly developing it and making it an even quicker car over the quarter-mile. Previously the car had run in the very low 11s with a 410ci small-block, but that’s all changed now.

 The badge on the side might say 440 Magnum, but there are 547 cubes of Wedge goodness topped with Indy heads and tunnel ram topped by a couple of Holley double-pumpers. Going through a 727 Torqueflite with a 5000rpm stall and a 9-inch with Caltracs, Aaron has got the more-door going down the quarter in 9.9@135mph!