565ci big-block-powered HQ Monaro on the dyno – video

Jim McHale's tough big-block HQ Monaro on the dyno at MPW Performance and Race Fab


JIM McHale has had his car down at MPW Performance & Race Fab recently, where the boys have been putting the finishing touches on his stunning HQ Monaro. Jim has had the car for a few years and originally did a full resto on it back to factory specs. But he got sick of the trainspotters at car shows complaining that his bolt heads weren’t right and all the rest, so he thought: ‘Stuff it, I’m going to modify it to the way I like.’

Now it’s rocking a monster 565-cube big-block Chev stuffed with Manley running gear and topped with AFR heads and a 1000hp 4150 carby. The motor is backed by a tough TH400 trans and a nine-inch 35-spline Strange rear end.

Jim originally hails from Sydney and had the car running and driving up there before moving to Melbourne about six months ago. Since then his fuel system went kaput, so he had the guys at MPW install a new fuel cell with Holley pumps. After a bit of fine-tuning on the dyno, the Monaro made more power than ever; the rollers saw 540rwhp pretty consistently.

But Jim isn’t finished yet! Next item on the to-do list is to swap out the locked dizzy for a programmable timing system, which should liberate a few more ponies and improve driveability. Eventually Jim wants to go ProCharged and EFI, but that’s a long way down the track. For now he’s just keen to get out and drive the thing.