This 300hp blown black-engined EJ ute is heading to Red Centre Nats!


WE love a road trip, and the Red Centre Nats (3-6 September) has given us the opportunity for a doozy! I’ve been busy getting my humble grey-powered EJ Holden ready for the trip, making sure the old girl is up to the task of taking on a 4720km round trip!

I won’t be on my own though, I’ll be accompanied by a small group of tough street cars. One is an HQ Monaro with – get this – a ProCharged 253 under the hood. The only vehicle in the group with air con will be a twin-turbo VT Commodore, making damn-near 400rwkW with an un-opened LS1. But my favourite is another EJ, this time a ute owned by Jason Vandyk.

Despite what I say in this video, the ute is powered by a Holden black motor, not a red – a small but important distinction for those of us interested in making old Holden sixes go fast. Not only did Jason stick with Holden for the engine (rather than go for a Toyota or Nissan six), but the whole thing is Holden from front to back, with a column-shift Trimatic auto and a BorgWarner diff with highway-friendly 3.08:1 gears.

The motor itself is pretty basic, with a 12-port head, Starfire rods and a VK Commodore intake. Where things get a bit more exotic is the Sprintex supercharger and Autronic EFI system, which help contribute to the little 202 making just over 300hp in a super-reliable and very street-friendly package.

So far Jason’s run a best of 12.7sec in street trim at Calder, and hopes to do better once we get to Alice Springs Inland Dragway! Jason has another motor in the build that he’s hoping will propel the ute into the 11sec zone.

We’re heading off to Red Centre Nats on 31 August and we’ll have plenty of updates to let you know how we go. For more info, check out

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