Video highlights from our hectic day four of Drag Challenge


PLENTY happened on day four of Street Machine Drag Challenge at Heathcote Park Raceway. Quentin Feast in the LX Torana took the lead from Terry Seng in his VC Commodore, Adam Rogash did only two runs in the NOSHOW Clubsport and was stoked that one of them was an 8.3, while Harry Haig had traction issues for most of the day.

It’s super tight between the top three and anything could happen on the final day as we return to Calder Park. At the moment around four tenths separates Quentin and Terry, but Terry ran a seven second pass at Calder on day one so if he can replicate that he’ll be very hard to beat.

But we can’t rule out Adam Rogash, he’s four tenths behind Terry at the moment, but that car hasn’t missed a beat all trip and it’s only been running around 14psi of boost. We know the motor has no issues going all the way up to 24psi and 1600hp so if they turn up the boost he might be able to run sevens, which will put him right in contention.

We also lost Robbie Adamo on the way to Heathcote, his engine in the Ford Bronco gave up after eight years and around eighty bottles of Nitrous. He was in good spirits though as he planned to take the engine out after Drag Challenge anyway. It’s just a shame he didn’t get to go crazy with the Nitrous on the final day.

Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors for helping make Drag Challenge 2015 possible: Haltech, Castlemaine Rod Shop, Mack 247 and Turbosmart.