The Drag Challenge standings at the end of day four at Heathcote Park Raceway


For most entrants, day four of Drag Challenge meant an early start and a gruelling 430km haul from Mildura to Heathcote Park Raceway. Unfortunately for crowd favourite Rob Adamo, the motor in his Bronco cried enough, leaving him stranded by the side of the road and out of the competition.

A strong headwind at Heathcote meant plenty of entrants were slightly off the pace they’d exhibited earlier in the competition. Luke Foley made some progress with the tune-up on his turbocharged LS VH though, managing a PB of 8.72 @ 151mph and settling into third spot in Radial Blown behind Quentin Feast and Terry Seng.

The big news is that Feast was able to wrestle the outright lead from Seng today, laying down an 8.25 to Terry’s 8.55 as the Paramount crew continued to search for grip. After four days of racing the cumulative margin between the pair is down to just three tenths of a second, so the stage is set for a classic battle when the competition returns to Calder Park tomorrow.

Things are every bit as exciting in the Dial Your Own class where Alysha Teale continues to impress, managing to run within one one thousandth of a second of her dial-in today despite difficult conditions. But the field is stacked with seasoned bracket racers, and Rod Kerr, Brenton Miller and John Kerr are all well within striking distance.

Adam Rogash leads the Outlaw Blown charge in his VT Clubby, stomping out an 8.32 early in the proceedings at Heathcote. Harry Haig and Brendan Cherry occupy the remaining podium positions heading into the final day of competition.

With Jon Mitchell unable to recover from a driveline failure in his Dodge at Mildura yesterday, Outlaw Aspirated is now a three-horse race, with Mark Clifford’s Mustang Fastback, Adam Lynch’s HQ Tonner and Steve Reimann’s Plymouth Cuda still in the hunt.
At the pointy end of Radial Aspirated you could throw a blanket over the three Ford Capris of Al Vella, Tristan Ticcas and Nathan Ghosn, with the plastic-powered VH Commodore of Todd Foley ready to pounce should any of them slip up.

After 1500km of torturous driving and hundreds upon hundreds of passes, Australia’s toughest street cars will go to war at Calder Park tomorrow for the final day of Drag Challenge, and we can’t wait to see them throw down!


Quentin Feast LH Torana 27.5396

Terry Seng VC Commodore 27.8037

Adam Rogash VT Commodore 28.2260

Harry Haig HQ Holden 29.4351

Luke Foley VH Commodore 29.7550

Bubba Medlyn VH Commodore 30.2563

Alon Vella Ford Capri 31.1750

Brad Keem VH Charger 31.5149

Brendan Cherry HQ Monaro 31.5510

Tristan Triccas Ford Capri 31.5740


Adam Rogash VT Commodore 28.2260

Harry Haig HQ Holden 29.4351

Brendan Cherry HQ Monaro 31.5510

Rodney Browitt HQ Ute 32.2258

Tim Bailey VW Golf 35.3540

Louis Younis LJ Torana out

Leighton Kelson Chevelle out


Mark Clifford Ford Mustang 31.843

Adam Lynch Tonner 32.9107

Steve Reimann Plymouth Cuda 36.1008

Jon Mitchell Dodge Challenger out


Quentin Feast LH Torana 27.5396

Terry Seng VC Commodore 27.8037

Luke Foley VH Commodore 29.7550

Bubba Medlyn VH Commodore 30.2563

Brad Keem VH Charger 31.5149

Graeme Horner VK Commodore 32.1145

Josh O’Brien VP Ute 48.8434

Noel Inman T-Model out


Alon Vella Ford Capri 31.1750

Tristan Triccas Ford Capri 31.5740

Nathan Ghosn Ford capri 31.7856

Todd Foley VH Commodore 32.2560

Brett Mathew HT Premier 34.3924

Daryl Elliott LH Torana 34.6359

Scott Levy El Camino 36.5749

Ben Walker VF Hardtop 38.3018

Dean Gianginis VK Calais out


Alysha Teale HQ Holden 0.00827

Rod Kerr LX Torana 0.05715

Brenton Miller Chrysler Centura 0.06615

John Kerr Mercury Comet 0.06777

Justin Mitchell HQ Holden 0.077715

Greg Mason El Camino 0.092345

Matthew Smart Toyota Corolla 0.10263

Bradley Pettitt EH Holden 0.108935

Carl Taylor Chev Impala 0.170545

Scott Taylor VF GTS 0.189855

Jay Jeffries Holden Caprice 0.20292

Mark Talbot XD Falcon 0.28892

Matt Jones HG ute 0.3148

Grant Grech LX Torana 0.3943

John Di Mauro HQ Ute 0.38253

Andrew Natoli VK Commodore 0.38253

James Graham VH Commodore 0.399125

Brett Smythe LX Torana 0.5287

Anthony Burns XD Wagon 0.55968

Robert Adamo Ford Bronco out