Telfo's top picks from the fantastic Meguiar's MotorEx 2015

Photographers: Boris Viskovic

CHOOSING just one car from a show the size of Meguiar’s MotorEx is an almost-impossible task, so here are the first ten cars that caught my eye, did something different or were just plain cool!

Motorex15 079GEOFF Smith’s FC Holden is a typically classy Adelaide built. Engineered with a legal V8 conversion in the early 1990s, the car has been refined by the owner and treated to new paint by the crew at Auto Transformers and is looking damn fine!

Motorex15 232FRANK Falzon’s ’66 Pontiac GTO isnt highly modified, but has something about it that is leaving grown men slobbering with desire. Under the hood is a 461ci Pontiac mill with tri-power induction, backed by a brutal Doug Nash transmission.

Motorex15 082HAVING a consistent vision for a build is crucial and no car exemplifies how well that can pay off as Greg Hogan’s ’69 Camaro. Greg went for to a pro touring theme for the car and pulled it off with great aplomb. He scored a well-deserved Silver medal for Overall Innovation.

Motorex15 030GERRY Mediati is a familiar face on the Sydney car scene, being the trusted man for towing high-end street machines all over town. Hes also a car builder in his own right, famous for his black one-tonner. Gerry also has a soft spot for Fiats, as you can see by his wild ’69 Abarth, which won a Bronze medal for Overall Innovation.

Motorex15 040MAL Apps and his slammed FC sedan were the winners of the inaugural Laurie Starling Award, which was created by the MotorEx team to celebrate the late car builder’s legacy. The award carried a $5000 prize and came with a billet trophy designed by Adam LeBrese.

Motorex15 150DAVID Scott’s tribute to the Munsters Dragula blew us away. The research and attention to detail that went into the project is super-impressive and earned the thumbs up and an award from George Barris himself.

Motorex15 214WHEN you are talking Australian drag racing royalty, you have to include the team of Pirotta and Caruana in the mix. The peak of their achievements was this amazing AA/GAS Cortina, powered by an awe-inspiring SOHC Ford 427 big block. What a treat to see it at MotorEx!

Motorex15 191THE Sacliotto family of Sydney are famous for their super-clean EH Holdens, but now they’ve added a bitching ’55 Chev pickup to their portfolio. The guys bought the car last year while checking out the SEMA show and have brought the car into the country with the view to getting it engineered for Australian road rules.

Motorex15 106WE saw off Graham Laity and his LS7-powered Camaro when he drove up from Bendigo for MotorEx. The car looked amazing in the hall, the true definition of a street machine!

Motorex15 034GLEN Profilio’s FC ute was one of the success stories of the weekend, taking gold medals for Engine Bay, Engineering and Design & Execution, plus a bronze in Bodywork.